Insect based foodsThe word Biscuit derived from Latin word Biscoctum means

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2.6 Insect based foodsThe word Biscuit derived from Latin word Biscoctum means twice baked (Al-Marazeeq & Angor, 2017). Biscuits are mostly widely consumed low cost processed foods. It, amongst many snack items, has certain advantages, such as being cheaper than the conventional snack items, easy to use at home or even during travel, available in wide range of shapes, sizes, tastes, and they are appealing to all age groups (A. Homann, 2015). Apart from being tasty, these foods with considerable energy level, wholesome and nutritious quality are available at a fair price.

With their long shelf life, easy to carry around they are highly convenient snack. Besides being very palatable and a vehicle of nutrition and energy, these biscuits convey the goodness of flour, fat and sugar in most acceptable and economical term. Biscuit consumption is among highly consumed daily foods and they are easily available and conveniently enjoyed as snack. Attempts have been made in recent days to improve the nutritional qualities and functionalities (Dignity et al.

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, 2017) of biscuits, due to competition in the market for more natural healthy and functional products. Nutritional value of biscuit can be balanced by fortification and supplementation with a wide variety of protein rich foods (A. M. Homann et al., 2017) (Komey, 2016)Wholegrain buckwheat and rye flours were used to partially replace wheat flour in honey biscuit formulation. The produced enriched biscuits used to develop more nutritional end-product especially if adequate processing methods to improve its suitability in food applications are additionally considered2.7 Consumer AcceptabilityAcceptability relates to the interaction between food and consumer at a given moment in time.

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Food acceptance or rejection depends if, it corresponds to consumer expectations and needs (Tan et al., 2016). Factors that affect food acceptability include customer characteristics, sensory characteristics of food and the feel good' factor (Maina, 2018).2.7.1 Sensory characteristicAccording to (Petljak et al., 2017) sensory characteristics of food such as taste, texture, aroma, and appearance have distinct and influential effects on food acceptability. When consumers consume food products and experience their sensory characteristics, they gain the ability to decide whether they like or dislike the product. The sensory characteristics of food specifically influence the decision that a consumer makes regarding the preference of food substance (Elhassan et al., 2019). It is thus vital for food producers to optimize the sensory attributes perceived by the consumers of a given product. This directly improves the product's perceived value among various consumers. The sensory cues based on food's aroma, taste, appearance, and texture are extremely critical before, during and after eating (Maina, 2018). These attributes are essential in directing consumers towards the preferred food, source, food selection, and satisfaction from the consumed food.2.7.2 Consumers' Knowledge Consumers' knowledge and belief of a consumer regarding a particular product has a positive outcome for acceptability of the product (Mathras et al., 2016). This aspect of consumer characteristics has a great influence on the acceptability of new products by the different segment of consumers. Knowledge dictates the basis for food preference and its acceptability. The success of any new food product in the market usually follows diffusion of its knowledge to the customers. Knowledge about the food composition, functional properties of that food and to some extent the processing steps influence whether the food product will be accepted or rejected by the consumers. 2.7.3 Enjoyment of Food (the feel good' factor)One of the important factors that determine food acceptability but is normally overlooked by food producers is that consumers mostly prefer foods that they enjoy (Tan et al., 2016). Since time immemorial, certain types of foods have been consumed specifically due to the pleasure that they offer the consumers. Foods such as ice cream, coffee, alcohol, and chocolate have normally been consumed to promote a positive state of mind or to reduce the negative states of (Siegrist et al., 2019). This has brought about the need to understand what prompts consumers to accept and reject certain types of foods. Though most obvious and logical reason is to acquire the optimum nutrition for healthy living (Maina, 2018), food producers are perplexed as to how they need to reduce levels of sugar or fat from a given food product and not spoil the enjoyment consumers derive from the same product (Maina, 2018). It's Consumers expectation that healthy food products should taste even better. Therefore, this poses a challenge to producer to come up with healthy foods that meet the enjoyment derived from food products. Therefore, the enjoyment component of the food product should remain one of the driving factors that the food processors should consider (Tan & House, 2018). Consumers prefer foods that satisfy their needs in terms of enjoyment as Opposed to those they consider less tasty.

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Insect based foodsThe word Biscuit derived from Latin word Biscoctum means
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