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Innovation POV

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Every issue has its own dark and bright side, in this report dark side of the lack of essential facilities in the University of Sharjah will be discussed. For example, having no food trucks or food court in dorms because not all students know how to cook, or they don’t have time for that as well as other students who cannot afford buying kitchen tools or devices. Also, the clinic in W1 which is considered far from the dorms and it closes at 5:30 pm.

In addition to that, in order to make this report there will be interviews taking peoples opinion about it, whether from a student, staff, or even workers. So mainly the aim of this report is spotting on the impacts of this problem which affecting on the majority of people in the university especially students who live in dorms, then it might let administrators to take an action toward this issue.

About the organization: Overview of it

The University of Sharjah is an Emirati private national university located in in University City, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

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It’s considered as a comprehensive academic institution with a global vision. It is an innovator in academia, scientific research and the arts in the UAE and the GCC region. All programs in the university are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in addition to some programs that have international accreditation (such as Engineering and business). The university was founded in 1997 by the ruler of Sharjah Sheikh Dr.

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Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi as a result of Sheikh Sultan’s vision of a unique institution in the emirate of Sharjah, considering the Islamic architecture and history and in order to be suitable for the surrounding society, especially to the UAE and generally to the

Middle East. The university has fine art’s campus, medical campus and the main

campus. The medical and the main campuses have dorms and libraries. Also, the university provides a coop for the student in the student center.

The Problem:

The Dorm living is a learning, enjoyable experience, starting from day one where you make new friends, until the day you graduate leaving all the great unforgettable memories behind. As the students spend approximately more than half of their day in dorms, logically, they expect a warm place provided with all the needs and essential services they have to have. Speaking about the University of Sharjah dorms, we could observe a lack of necessary facilities inside the students’ living area. Mainly, insufficient food resources and restaurants, where there is no cafeteria with a variety of dining options, students tend to depend on ordering food from outside three times a day which is very harmful and risky for their physical and mental health, also, every order has a delivery charge with it which is quite unaffordable for a college student. On the other hand, some students rely on buying frozen foods to cook and canned goods. According to National Institute of Health, one study analyzed 78 canned foods and found BPA (bisphenol-A) in over 90% of them which is a chemical that’s often used in food packaging, including cans, and some human studies have linked BPA to health problems like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and may raise the risk of having obesity.

Another major problem is the improper health care for the in-dorm living students, as they might suffer from any kind of injuries, pain, headaches, burns, insects bites, or even larger emergency cases in a daily basis, they have no clinic for them to survive any kind of emergency, consequently, they have to go to the university’s hospital for all the cases, small and big incidents, at afternoon or even late at night, and accordingly, they might feel a greater pain or different side

effects as a result of wasting time to go out of the campus seeking help and

suitable treatment. Also, going to the university’s hospital requires the student to pay 150 AED firstly for the doctor check-up, and any extra requirements like medicines, injections and intravenous therapy (IV) would have an extra payment for it.

The method used to identify the problem:

As this problem is very common among the UOS dorm students, most of them were easily identified by simply observing them. I personally observed a couple of friends of mine which live in the dorms and it was really sad that they don’t have the basic needs for a living such as food. Also, due to this major issue, many students could not survive/adapt to it and left that university such as my cousin who lives in Abu Dhabi, she was in the dorms for only one semester and could not survive this problem, thus, she simply left. Not only did she leave, but she is also telling her family and friends how much of a bad experience she had in the UOS dorms. Thus, the organization’s reputation is also getting down due to this big problem that is still to this day not solved at all.

Observing is not only by looking, it is by looking deeper into the problem, by noticing the student’s facial expressions, their feelings and their reactions, by simply putting myself in their shoe and by feeling what they are going through from tough time and struggles. For example, imagine just to have the three main meals, they have no choice but to order a takeout, or if they have time which most of them don’t, they cook something. Not to mention that outside food isn’t always the best and it is unhealthy.

Moreover, a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine called me around 5 pm while I was leaving the university saying that she burnt her finger using the oven while cooking and the pharmacy was closed at 5:30 in W2. They do not have any sort of

clinic/nurse in which they can seek help for such emergency cases. Thus, I had to go all the way to Matajer to get her the medicine she needed, and I asked myself, what if I wasn’t in the university? This is a huge issue that the university should be prepared for and consider in any possible emergency cases. This is one of possibly the common scenarios that happen on a daily basis.

In addition, through observing I discovered that the students hate the dorms, and this demotivates them to study or do their university homework as it does not provide them with what they need in order to live comfortably in the dorms. Furthermore, they pay around 3000-4000 AED per semester for the dorms facilities which are not fulfilled at all. So, I believe it is a very important issue that the UOS should take into consideration and start working on improving it.

What people said about this problem

32385001407160Israa: she said “I hate going back to the dorms as it means I have no way to eat, even the cafeteria is closed and isn’t really a nice place. My parents sent me here as they have heard that this is a good university, but I saw the opposite in terms of living on campus in dorms”

00Israa: she said “I hate going back to the dorms as it means I have no way to eat, even the cafeteria is closed and isn’t really a nice place. My parents sent me here as they have heard that this is a good university, but I saw the opposite in terms of living on campus in dorms”

I interviewed seven girls that are currently in the UOS dorms and suffering from this issue, most of them had similar answers regarding it. They said that they are tired of ordering fast food and many of them can’t afford to pay minimum 150 AED for three meals per day. Also, many are considering leaving UOS as they can’t tolerate it anymore.

Your POV statement:

The UOS needs a way to solve the lack of essential facilities because the students are suffering from it and it is affecting their life in many negative aspects.


In conclusion, as we observed and listened to the people that are suffering from this problem, and by understanding their needs, we thought about solving this problem in a couple of different ways. For example, the dorm students complained about eating the same food from outside because restaurants stopped delivering to the dorms as the university of Sharjah requires a permission. So to solve this problem, we thought about creating an application to deliver food for dorm students specifically, that is also approved by the university of Sharjah. Moreover, another solution would be is to redesign the cafeteria. The student’s cafeteria is now closed and it never really had good choices according to the students, and wasn’t a welcoming place to sit and interact with other people, so redesigning the interior by thinking about making it a place for student’s gatherings would help them enjoy their time on campus.

Finally, here is a picture from one of our meetings:

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