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Innovation, Creativity, and Design Essay

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The three concepts of innovation, design, and creativity are an intertwined three-step process that produces new thoughts, systems, or products. Regardless of their occupation, both men and women utilize creativity, innovation, and design on a daily basis, even if they are unemployed. How someone commutes to work, cleans their house, decides on what to eat for lunch, or which college to attend, is all a part of creativity, innovation, and design.

This paper will define, compare and contrast, and describe the importance of creativity, innovation, and design in meeting organizational objectives.

Defining Creativity, Innovation, and Design These terms tend to be difficult to define because most people are unclear about the differences between the three. Creativity can be defined as the ability of developing something original or unusual whether a process, idea, or item (Sloane, 2010). Innovation is the process of taking that creative idea or thought and putting it into action with the use of design.

Design is the informal process of bringing an innovative idea to fruition (Von Stamm, 2008).

All three terms are concepts that stand apart from one another, but also work together towards a common goal. Importance of Creativity, Innovation, and Design in Organizational Objectives Companies like Proctor & Gamble, IBM, Ford, and Apple all reinvented themselves through management, new leadership, and getting out from underneath the groupthink mentality (Scoffield, 2011).

In any organizational objectives, it is increasingly important to stay ahead of the competition, and that cannot be accomplished without the ability to innovate. Without creativity, innovation, and design the world would listen to music by way of a vinyl record, record dictation only on paper with pens and pencils, and watch their favorite shows on bulky, black and white, rear-projection televisions. Regardless of the sector, creativity, innovation, and design all drive the organization and its growing potential.

Conclusion Creativity, innovation, and design play an important role in everyday life. How people operate on a day-to-day basis includes creative and innovative decisions regarding every aspect of life. Organizational objectives are not resistant to creativity or innovation either; they should actually go hand-in-hand. Without the creative processes or individuals, companies will eventually become stagnant and die off, or take massive losses from their competitors’ success, as is the case with Blockbuster when compared to Red Box or NetFlix.

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