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Injury in training Essay

Essay Topic:

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Overload is making the body work harder in order to improve it. You will have a “capacity” when you train which will be the normal level which you work at. For example you normal level of training on a rowing machine would be 30 minutes a day. In order to improve you must increase your workload or capacity. This can be achieved in the following ways: Frequency of training needs to be increased. Which means that you should increase the amount of time you train a week for example train ever other day and have the days off the help your body recover form your previous training exercise.

Intensity of training must be increased to improve performance. I can do this by working harder at the training methods that I am using . For example I may want to increase the amount of time I do on the tread mill or the speed this would increase my over all heart rate meaning that it will increase my stamina.

 In my training program I intend to increase my overall duration on each of the activities I do and the speed, hardness.

Progression The training program that I am doing and overload must be increased progressively in order for my body to improve in performance. In other as your body adjust the increase in demand of performance you will have to increase the demand steadily so to increase your fitness. Because if you stay at the Same level all the time the improvements to your fitness will not increase. I have added this element to my training program by increasing the amount time and the hardness of my activities for example increasing the amount of time in on the tread mill and the hardness of the rowing machine for 1 in my early stages to 10 on my final lesson.

Reversibility Just as you can improve you can also decrease in ability for example a decrease in training can lead to reverse all the hard work you have done and go back to you normal fitness level. You cannot stop this if you incur an injury in training or become ill. So stop reversibility happening to me I plan to also kept to my schedule which I plan to do every Tuesday and Friday. I first interviewed my client to check if he is fit enough to follow an intensive 6-week programme and came into conclusion that he exercises a lot during the week, such as kung-fu lessons, volleyball and college activities, therefore I made a normal 3 days training sessions every week, therefore he will have time to enjoy his other sports and have time to work on college work.

This is my client’s 6-week training programme, his main sport is volleyball and he wants to improve his flexibility, muscular strength and cardiovascular system. I will make sure I use different training methods therefore it doesn’t get too boring or tiring for Philip Siffereman. In this training programme I will be using different types of training methods such as: Fartlek training: this method involves many changes of speed, therefore I can use this to improve my client’s stamina this will mainly be taken outside the gym in the morning before the gym activities.

Interval training: this type of training follows a fix pattern of fast work followed by slow work or rest. I can use interval training to improve his speed and stamina depending on the distance and the intensity I carry out the exercises, this exercise will be done in the gym using the treadmill or the athletics track. (if in athletics track it will be in the morning before gym activities) Circuit training: this consists of a series of exercises at different stations. I can design a circuit to improve his flexibility by doing active stretches and muscular strength in his abdominals and triceps. Weight and resistance methods: This will be done in the gym were he will have to lift a series of weights with involves a number of repetitions and sets.

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