Initiate Changes in the Corporate Culture of the Business Essay

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Initiate Changes in the Corporate Culture of the Business

Currently, to lead in the 21st century organization become more challenges, as a manager in bank leading toward excellent organization needs more changes. There are several management changes that manger need to change its culture. Basically, leadership roles must be upgrade because nowadays as manager they need a lot of thinking and variety of skills such as motivation, drive, honesty, conceptual ability, mastering in technology, lifelong learner and great communicator.

As manger also need to show high performance to make sure every staff in bank get inspired to do better in their performance. Before initiate changes, as a manager in this bank need to choose stretch goals to make sure which part should be changes and to identify outstanding practices, process and standards in other successful organization to be adapted in this organization. On the other hand, as a manager need to plan for contingencies, in case some of the new changes cannot be adapted by management in this bank.

To be more understand about organization flow and to solve management problems, a manager must planned from Bottom-to-Top which means, manager must know and understand what is problems that their face and asks opinion from lower level manager what needs to be changes. As a manager also must be open minded and able change mind in adaptation to technology changes, because currently this organization practices slow flow management especially first line management which directly dealing with customer.

Firstly, avoid customer waiting too long, provide more counter and the counter must be available because having more counter without staff will make customer complaint and they will find other bank that will serve them better than us. At the same time, system numbering must be follow counter correctly without any double customer in one time, because the digital numbering sometimes not work properly and make customer confuse either they have to wait or go to the counter.

When comes to serve customer, workers having problem with current machine to calculate oney, so as a manger must find high-technology with high quality machine to make sure the machine can run smoothly without having too many problems. Hire more staff is good to organization because this organization just have few staff to entertain customer service especially in loan process, such as handle loan land, loan ASB (Amanah Saham Berhad), loan house and any related to customer services. In this case, customer will see how fast we can settle their request or problems, because customer cannot wait too long especially working peoples.

So, with having more counter and staff it will help reduce number of queue customer. In addition, provide more touch screen computer that contains guideline to fill up any form or option or document needed before proceed with counter, the guideline also includes for first time customer to register with us. The machine must put in every corner of bank to avoid customer queue too long and to reduce cost of workers in customer service department.

Besides, number of ATM and cash deposit machine need to increase because of many customers complaint have to wait and queue to long with small number of ATM and cash deposit machine. on the other hand, this bank need to change with using high-technology system in computer such use scanning to identify customer fast and correctly, then use high-technology programming to build up better application system in every ATM machine and cash deposit machine, which customer may do payment any bills, loan, prepaid, transfer to other bank and so on to avoid wasting time at counter provided.

Furthermore, the 21st century organization need to show fast adaptation in any technology changes, so with development of internet network, company must make sure website of organization must be safe and protected by high security system to avoid hackers to the company website and databases. After that, the website must be user friendly and up-to-date information, because some of customer hard to understand the instruction and requirements needed through website especially for generation X (40 years and above).

Obviously, this organization practices culture of grouping different race, level and department or community. So, as a manager need to plan and change it to break the group and let workers unite together to achieves goals and cooperate each other to success in their carrier. At the same time, rewards staff that has more effort to make company success and achieve organization’s goals. Such as, appreciate them with put their name in business successful story in magazines, newspaper and website to make heir feel appreciated and worth with all given effort that they have contributed to company.

Then, give extra bonus and increased salary for that staffs perform well in jobs given. Quality controlled must be introduced in this organization, because with having more technology, staff, and counter cannot solve management problem without control it time to time. Quality control needed to help management make better decision and continuous improvement in this business.

At the same time, attract more customer and shareholder to come and do business with us because of guaranteed quality from this bank. Finally, to expand more business and profit of organization, as a manager must be a great communicator and always think globalize to adapt with our environment and global environment. Such as, to penetrate market in Japan, the organization must learn Japanese language and their culture, so that company may easily adapt with their culture that focus on save the environment.

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