Initial Teaching Assignment Essay

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Initial Teaching Assignment

In my role as a tutor of support teaching and learning in schools my responsibilities include: promoting cognitive elaboration *Cognitive psychology is concerned with the various mental activities which result in the acquisition and processing of information by the learner. It’s theories involve a perception of the learner as a purposive individual in continuous interaction with his social and psychological environment.( l.b.curzon (2003). teaching in further education. 6th ed. london: continuum. 35.) Holding a good knowledge of outside agencies that maybe used when an issue is outside of my knowledge or expertise.

These may include N.S.P.C.C, medical teams including GP’s, health visitors ect, councillors, learning support workers, banks, building societies and the student finance England information for funding or loan advice, police, fire services and social services. All of these outside agencies could be used for supporting my learners and for them to use in their role as a teaching assistant as they are working with children and young people. I work towards promoting social and emotional development, encouraging learners and rewarding them during tasks, discussions, production of work whilst developing into a responsible teaching assistants. Being reliable is paramount to learners giving them a sense of belonging and security that I would always be there to discuss any issues or concerns with them, especially if the issue is a delicate one.

Showing my learners that I can promote equality by letting them have every opportunity to attend and participate in every aspect of the lesson is also giving them opportunity to express their own ideas and personality. I myself am always looking to learn and gaining skills from learners is another way of learning and promoting diversity. Every learner is different and giving them opportunity to share their ways and knowledge and including these skills to improve their learning and adding to their new career in a positive way encourages diversity. Understand own responsibility for maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment.

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