Infrastructure of the ancient Civilizations Essay

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Infrastructure of the ancient Civilizations

Due to the modern application of technology, the aspect of archaeological research has been rapidly developing resulting to the many different studies pertaining to the ancient civilizations in the past. Significant relics and artifacts have been found because of extensive excavation enabling the modern scientific society to learn vast knowledge of important information regarding the civilizations that have developed and flourished in the past.

One important element in the archaeological studies is the significance of the excavated ancient infrastructure in relation to the nature and characteristics of the civilizations that have created these wondrous architectural feats. Among the many ancient civilizations with significant architectural artifacts are the Minoan, Ancient Near Eastern and the Egyptian.

The ancient Minoan civilization is widely known for their construction of many wondrous palaces. From their architectural design, present society has established that the said civilization has a high regard for their political and social systems as most palaces are constructed for administrative purposes. This is further supported by the excavated large archives of their laws, politics, taxation and government files.

The civilization of ancient near east is also widely known for their remained infrastructures particularly their numerous massive temples dedicated to their Gods. From this, modern archaeologists have determined that their culture is generally focused on religious pursuits such as constructing the said architectural design to honor their religious icons. The Egyptian on the other hand, has their own characteristics as determined by their pyramids and tombs.

Architectural studies have determined that ancient Egyptians are widely concerned and focused on their beliefs about afterlife and that the massive tombs are reflection of this social belief. Indeed, through studying the remain of the civilizations in the past particularly their architectural remains, modern society can learned vast knowledge regarding the cultural characteristics and social nature of the people that have flourished in the past.

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