Investing in Green Infrastructure
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This literature review will explore the effects of investing in green practices in construction on not just the environment but on society as a whole. In the field of engineering, sustainability is one of the most paramount focuses since the job of civil engineers is to protect society and enhance the quality of civilian life. It is therefore very important for us to understand the effect of climate change and the consequences of losing the will to control or to…...
Consolidation And Optimization of the IT Infrastructure
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Cost reduction through consolidation and optimization of the IT infrastructure is a central issue for companies and public authorities. Virtualization plays a crucial role here. A recent Acronis study shows that the areas of data protection and recovery are criminally neglected - especially in the healthcare sector. Virtualization of the infrastructure is a general trend today. This applies to all companies and authorities, as well as health care institutions. The increasing virtualization of the IT infrastructure also has implications for…...
Intermodal Connectors with Freight Movement, Analysis and Infrastructure
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Today, policymakers are very concerned about the inflows and outflows of commerce at the U.S. cargo hubs. There appears to be a serious issue with flows and recent studies carried out by the Department of Transportation have found that freight transfer facilities are seriously afflicted with traffic bottlenecks and problems while attempting to access freight transfer facilities. One of the reasons with this is that the roads which provide the said access are in bad shape and their design is…...
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Types of Infrastructure
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Infrastructure is divided into two major classifications, "hard" and "soft". "Hard" is obviously the roads, bridges, etc. It also relates to the big physical networks essential for the functioning of a modern industrial nation Hard infrastructures refers to physical facilities or installations needed to operate, manage and monitor a system with the intention that the structures to be permanent whereas "soft" infrastructure is human capital and institutions that develop it, such as community colleges and universities.. All the institutions which…...
How to Identify Threats & Vulnerabilities in an IT Infrastructure Using ZeNmap
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Pages • 3
Understand how threat from dangers and software application vulnerabilities impacts the 7 domains of a typical IT infrastructure 2Review a ZeNmap GUI (Nmap) network discovery and Nessus vulnerability evaluation scan report (hardcopy or softcopy) 3. Identify hosts, operating systems, services, applications, and open ports on gadgets from the ZeNmap GUI (Nmap) scan report 4. Determine crucial, significant, and minor software application vulnerabilities from the Nessus vulnerability assessment scan report 5. Focus on the recognized vital, significant, and minor software vulnerabilities…...
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How to Identify Threats & Vulnerabilities in an IT Infrastructure Using ZeNmap

...What would you define in a vulnerability management policy for an organization? An executive summary stating the findings of the vulnerability assessment from a penetration test. Audit goals and objectives, audit methodologies, recommendations and pr...