Infrared Essay Topics

Electro-optics and Infrared

Electronic warfare involves the utilization of techniques, equipment and devices to counteract or deny the enemy from using radar, communications and other radio wave devices. The EW techniques can be further subdivided into electronic support, electronic attack and electronic protection (Frater & Ryan, 2001). Electronic support (ES) involves actions taken by an operational commander to… View Article

Li-Fi Technology

I. Introduction Li-Fi or Light Fidelity is a technology that uses light emitting diodes to transmit data wirelessly. It was first demonstrated at a TED talk in 2011 by German physicist Harald Haas. This is a free band that does not need any license. Hence it is cheaper than Wi-FI. Wi-Fi, is a popular technology… View Article

Preparation of Cyclohexene From Cyclohexanol

Abstract: A 42.89% yield cyclohexene was successfully synthesized from 10.0 mL cyclohexanol by unimolecular elimination (E1) through the dehydration of cyclohexanol and confirmed via a bromine test and the IR spectra. Introduction: Alkenes are hydrocarbons that have carbon–carbon double bonds and are one of the many functional groups in organic molecules. Alkenes are sp2 hybridized… View Article