Informative Speech on how to dance Essay

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Informative Speech on how to dance


If you want to know a little bit about me, you have to know what this bottle is first. And not just the physical matter aspect of it – but also what it represents. I will first note that this is a tequilabottle; this is my life, this is my importance, this is my inspiration, my future, and my symbol.


Let’s start with the outside shape: have you ever seen anything like this? You all may not know this yet because of your age, but when you enter a liquor store and you see the same 10 clear, tall, plastic, plain bottles of vodka – you’re going to be intrigued by the one shaped like a glass skull. And even if you don’t buy it, you’re always going to remember it or think about it and wish you knew what’s so special about it and want to taste it.

Keeping that in mind, this is a unique shape, especially for a tequilabottle, similarly to a genie bottle in my opinion. When I think of a genie I think of hope, and dreams, and the ability to achieve whatever you want. Which has been engraved in my mind since before I can remember. I’ve been taught that confidence is key, and it’s true – you can’t expect others to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself.

It’s glass blown and sand-blasted unlike anything else on the market, and inside it contains the most ultra-premium smooth tequila your palette will ever taste. Which like you as a person, you should be memorable and leave a lingering impression on those you encounter. It’s color is bright, there’s nothing dull about it. It’s ombre. Dark on the bottom, and light on top.


My mother, the CEO of Amorada tequila has shaped this bottle and shaped my life. She has molded me to be unique and independent of anyone else on the market and think outside of “just ordinary”. Like the ombre, she has taught me to keep the darkness on the bottom and only think with positive light.¬†This may sound corny, but she is who I aspire to be and if you were her daughter you’d say the same.

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