Example of informative speech

1. Share 1-3 informative topics in class. (Audience analysis). Poll your audience of peers for their interests…unless you are very passionate about a specific topic. YOU select your proposed topic. Get proposed informative topic approved by instructor.

2. Informative speech should have a minimum of five recent & quality references in Bibliography. You must cite at least three of these sources during your speech.

3. Informative speech is four – six minutes in length. A one-minute (1 min.) “grace” period is allowed. A speech not falling within the 4-6 minutes time range will have points deducted.

4. Notes must be in formal sentence-outline form.

5. On the day you speak, submit final draft of outline and a Bibliography/Works Cited in MLA or APA style to the instructor.

6. On the class day immediately following your speech, complete a 2-3 page (TYPED DOUBLE-SPACED) analysis of your Informative speech (see questions/guidelines on “Blackboard Assignments/Short Written Papers”).

*CommCoach (see External Links) is an online learning environment designed to help students improve their oral presentation skills.

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The website contains video clips illustrating effective and ineffective public speaking practices, as well as an interactive feedback component designed to foster students’ ability to critically evaluate presentation segments.


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