Informative, Positive, Negative, and Persuasive Messages

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About this essay
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Here are the steps when applying for enrollment at Axia College. The enrollment procedure in Axia College consists of six steps. The first step is for the applicant to contact Axia College by calling 1-800-471-9955 or by checking its website at http://www. axiacollege. com/international-students. asp. The second step is to inquire on the Axia College Enrollment Counselor who will give an information sheet and answer all the questions concerning programs, important dates, and the admission process.

The third step is to get the application materials and financial support forms from the Enrollment Counselor subsequent to an interview.

The next step is to submit the application paraphernalia provided by the Enrollment Counselor. The fifth step is to pay the fees. And the last step is to make sure that the applicant’s admission document is officially accomplished by the respective Axia College Enrollment Counselor. Throughout the enrollment process, the Enrollment Counselor will guide the applicant’s application.

Positive Message I would like to express how much I am overwhelmed by the courtesy of one of your employees.

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Last night, I was in a terrible situation when my very important files would not open by the computer. It was necessary for me to have those files since I have to make a PowerPoint presentation which would be used early morning by the following day. I called for the department’s technician to fix it but the technician was then too busy fixing other’s computer. I had no choice but to do it myself.

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When I had almost lost my temper your good employee just came to offer his help. After a couple of minutes, he was done fixing it. I was able to get the files that I need and do the presentation. I would like to give my sincere appreciation to your employee as well as commend you for being able to have courteous and munificent employee. Please inform him about how much he saved me from that mess. Thank you and more power. Negative Message I would like to convey how much I am awfully disappointed with the last reading of my phone bill.

In the last phone bill that I had received, I checked the breakdown of it and was so surprised to notice some charges that you had included in my bill which are supposed to be not included in it. I am asking your office to review my account and check again the reading of my phone bill. I understand that it is my responsibility as a service-user to pay for the service that I had used. However, I would like to tell your office that I would not pay for the charges that appeared in my previous bill unless you provide a reliable reading that would show that I had really consumed those charges.

Please consider my appeal and improve the service that you are rendering for the benefits of your costumers. Thank you. Persuasive Message During the last five years of my stay in your good company, I was able to establish a very good working relationship towards your good office, as well as with my colleagues. I was also able to do my required tasks and functions as well as other special functions that were delegated to me. I was able to meet deadlines and rush hours in accomplishing my works.

I had attended several seminars and conferences that were relevant and necessary for the improvement of my work. In fact, I had thrice received the Most Outstanding Employee of the Year Award in 2003, 2005, and 2006. For those years, my salary was consistent with the salary that I had since I started working in this company. And for those years, I opted not to ask for any salary raise because I knew then that the company was experiencing financial crisis. However, though I still want to bear with the company’s financial standing, I am asking for a salary increase due to personal and economic reasons.

I am currently taking up a Master’s Degree and I need a reasonable amount to pay for my tuition and miscellaneous. At the same time, prices at the market and other services are too high that I could not anymore afford them having the current rate of my salary. Fort these reasons, I am asking if you could consider raising my salary. Thank you and more power.


The Application Process, Step-by-Step. (2006). Retrieved October 24, 2007, from Axia College of University of Phoenix: http://www. axiacollege. com/international-students. asp.

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