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Information Technology: A New Era

Categories Information Technology In Future

Essay, Pages 9 (2124 words)



Essay, Pages 9 (2124 words)

Week 1

video was helpful and showed me what plagiarizing is classified as, how it can happen, and what to avoid. Plagiarizing is a major crime and can be punishable in many ways. It’s important not to plagiarize because your taking credit for somebody else’s work even though its your own.

If you were to do this at a real job with a task or series problem people will know you took somebody else’s work which can lead to many problems.

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It can happen to any body just by copying and pasting, or saying something that somebody else could have said, try to avoid it by writing your own papers and sighting your sources.

Week 2

The Article Provides great information on the very start of computers, showing the timelines, dates, models, and types of computers that we had now up into today.

The article was very informative and gave an idea that we could shrink down the technology we use in our modern day life, going from big bulky 100 pound setups to the convince of a cell phone or tablet .

If we could keep advancing in technological advances what could we end up with or what could be next for us to use technology wise?

Something the size of a quarter or something that could be displayed through a watch? Imagine the possibility of a computer in something is such as your glasses giving you to use glasses to reinvent a world through sight and how it could help give advantages.

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Week 2 B

Article Provides Pros and Cons to video games and how they effect college students and their successes. The article was very even sided- telling the pros and cons of the effects of video games and how they could affect a student’s behavior.

Video games are very predominated in college life, giving the user the ability to waste time while having a time essentially helping them when bored.

Video games could start potential problems such as sleeping loss, focus loss, and even be a distraction to many rather than working on real life problems. Video games are a very countervail topic because they can be good or bad depending on the user’s choice.

Week 3

the article we find out why Wikipedia entries are written and reviewed and not generally classified as scholarly sources. The article states that Wikipedia articles are written by volunteer contributors that are not subject to proof of qualifications.

Meaning anybody can write what they want and post it before edited or confirmed by an official, leaving the website prone to change for anybody. An effective way to use Wikipedia is to get a general idea on a topic or idea then do research on the topic with a verified source.

This way you use Wikipedia by itself to give you a theme or idea to make a topic not so broad then finish it with a confirmed resource to make sure your information is true.

Week 3 B

The article cyberloafing is a term that describes using the Internet, while at work to do anything that is not work related. For example, play games on the computer, browse Facebook, and check Instagram etc. As more jobs in the computer departments rise, so has the percentage of employees who take part in cyberloafing.

According to a 2007 study by the American Management Association, it’s estimated that between 60% and 80% of American employees are guilty of cyberloafing. This means more than half America is cyberloafing at one point. Cyberloafing is becoming a problem and is starting potential dangers of employment throughout the world.

Many things companies are attempting to do is place blocks and restrictions on commonly used websites by the people. Cyber loafing is a problem and can easily be fixed with things such as net neutrality laws and better work management.

Week 4

The article it lists many ways to prevent theft and protect your digital property and identity. Some of the most efficient ways to prevent somebody from stealing your identity would be to have business photos, trademark a website/Blog, start subscriptions, and or applications.

Protecting your identity is important because it represents who you are and shows your potential as a future employee and current citizen. You can use these things to help you protect your identity for example an application like LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is an application that lets you grow professionally in the business world by connecting with others and having verified experience in topics like education, volunteering and employment. This verifies that you are what you say, and your experience checks out providing valid credentials that its user-based helps ensure your identity.

Week 4 B

Article argues net neutrality is both good and bad depending on what side you’re on. Cons of net neutrality regulations are unnecessary because the internet developed amazingly well in their absence. Therefore, why apply net neutrality laws if there being formed themselves as we go to prevent bad things from happening over the internet.

Net neutrality created burdensome and overreaching regulations to govern the internet with rules such as you must be 18 or 21 or part of a specific range making more problems than there must be. Its comparable to fixing something that never had anything wrong with it in the first place.

Week 5

article above shows many ways to customize your windows 10 settings! Windows and Microsoft both agreed that you should be able to have your own customization to make your computer feel unique to you.

With this they gave personalization options with themes, backgrounds, sounds, tabs, icons, passwords etc. You can customize most of these setting from typing either tab or right clicking and going down to personalization. From there you have access to many things such as the colors of the tabs, fonts, mousse, and themes!

Week 5 B

your computer system Is easy you just need to know what do to keep your system clean and running smooth! You can do many things from backing up all your data to a second drive, to cleaning the dust from it.

Some of the things a person can do regular to keep your computer clean and smooth running would be to Run antiwar often, clean up your software space, Clean up OS, Update applications, and Defarge cached memory.

To do most of these you have to open your settings through the control panel and check your pcs specs and what’s not being used or what’s not needed. This will speed up your units processing time and free up tons of space in storage leaving you with more memory.

Week 6

tips and tricks for Microsoft word can help you finish papers faster and get you more familiar with the programing, ensuring your proficient. Some easy tricks include the copy, paste, and cut shortcuts on the keyboards. Just press ctrl+ whatever the first letter of the word is, and word will activate the command code applying it there rather than having to search a table.

One of the biggest ones that goes unnoticed is using smart Lookup to give you a brief desertion or idea of what something is or is about. Basically, an unnoticed dictionary most people don’t know is there. Most of these tips and tricks will help students become more profession/ educated with office programs ensuring proficiency.

Week 6 B

couple weeks ago a new driver by the name GeForce Rtx 2080 Ti came out putting the GTx 1080s to there grave. NVIDIA’s newest flagship graphics card is a revolution in gaming and performance. Its powerful NVIDIA Turing™ GPU architecture, breakthrough technologies, and 11 GB of next-gen, ultra-fast GDDR6 memory make it the world’s ultimate gaming GPU as of 2019.

GeForce RTX™ graphics cards are powered by the Turing GPU architecture and the all-new RTX platform. This gives you up to 6X the performance of previous-generation graphics cards and brings the power of real-time ray tracing and AI to games.

Week 7

threats had incoming reports of Identity theft within the last couple days In a video interview with Information Security Media Group at RSA Conference 2019 in San Francisco, Jensen discusses: Results and surprises from the study; What shared responsibility means to enterprises; How to reduce risk and exposure to data loss.

The company had lost thousands of user identities in a malware breach that set the company back and leaving many customers angry. In the video they went over what a user’s privacy means to them ensuring the apologize and will work there hardest to make sure it won’t happen again. Then gave examples of how they were going to fix data loss problems by updating there firewalls more often and heavily encrypting them making it to where there much harder to access then before.

Week 7 B

article covers how to select the best select they type of chart for a position / project on Microsoft excel. To create a chart, the first step is to select the data from across a set of cells. Sometimes, you may not want to show all the data. You can choose which so you can choose the specific columns, rows, or cells to include.

Then from there you can add what you want to add, change, or format the columns and cells. After you select your data, on the Insert tab, select Recommended Charts. Sometimes your data isn’t arranged in Excel in a way that lets you create the type of chart you pantothere’s many types of charts such as pie charts, bar graphs, stock charts etc.

Week 8

article discusses tips and tricks to help run Microsoft PowerPoint smoothly and cleanly in a professional manor. Starting with the first tip to ‘Start the show instantly’ by naming the title of the slide along with the folder ensuring the names match up is makes a PowerPoint look more organized.

Another tip is to use a theme that matches your presentation, don’t get a galaxy theme to match a presentation on religion. Skip bullet points just give the audience something to read such as facts. But when presenting doesn’t read off the same facts! Make sure to talk about other subjects then the ones on the PowerPoint nobody wants to be read a presentation.

Week 8 B

make a PowerPoint more then just a PowerPoint a user must go in and make sure the PowerPoint will be successful and catch the attention of the viewers while informing them. One of the biggest tips is to Use the slide master feature to create a consistent and simple design template.

It is fine to vary the content of the presentation “(i.e., bulleted list, 2-column text, text & image),” but be consistent with other elements such as font, colors, and background. This way the presentation will match globally and look clean.

Another giant tip is to try and make your targeted audience presentable in a way that they will understand and relate to it. Know your audience and what they would like, for example if your presenting to a group of teens look for newer modern “more hip” topics to include in a PowerPoint.

Week 9

search engine is a powerful tool. Without search engines like Google, it would be practically impossible to find the information you need when you browse the internet. Like all search engines, Google uses a special algorithm to generate search results.

While Google shares general facts about its algorithm, the specifics are a company secret. This helps Google remain in competitive with other search engines such as Bing. On the programs called spiders or crawlers, just like most search engines. Also, like other search engines, Google has a large index of keywords and where those words can be found.

What sets Google apart is how it ranks search results, which in turn determines the order Google displays results on its search engine results page. Google uses a trademarked algorithm called PageRank, which assigns each Web page a relevancy score. Web and reduces the chance of someone finding out how to abuse the system.

Week 9 B

storage security is a subset of the larger IT security field, and it is specifically focused on securing storage devices and systems. Storage Security controls to protect storage systems and infrastructure as well as the data stored within them. Storage security is focused on protecting data against unauthorized use, modification or destruction.

These controls may be detective, corrective, deterrent, recovery in nature. The amount of data stored in the world’s computer systems is roughly doubling every two years.

For enterprises, that means constantly needing to add new storage in order to keep up with the business needs. As storage volumes grow, they become more valuable as assets and harder to protect.

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