Information Technology Essay

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Information Technology

1. What are some of the arguments for and against the use of digital media? For Others think it make us “ smarter “ because it offers so many opportunities’ to discovers. Resources like Wikipedia and Google have helped to organized knowledge and make it accessible to the world; this would not been possible without the internet. Against Some people say that internet and other digital technologies are changing the way we think not for the better. They also say that it make us become “ dumber “ Internet is an unprecedented source of acquiring and sharing all type of information.

2. How might the brain affected by constant digital media usage? According to Michael Merzenich (Neuroscientist) our brains are being “ massively remodeled “ by our constant and ever growing usage of the web. But not only the web that contributes with this trend, our ability to focus on something is also undermined by constant distractions being provided by the use of smart phones, video games, television and other digital technology. Other study shows presented by two identical TV shows, the one with a news crawl and the other without. The viewer retained much more information with the latter part, the impact of these technologies on children are even greater than the adults, because their brains are still developing compare to adults and they are still on the stage of struggling how to set their priorities.

3. Do you think these arguments outweigh the positives of digital media usage? Why or why not? I don’t think that it outweighs on the positive side of the arguments on digital media. Base on the article the people who are against the digital media justified and explain why they are against the use of it. They clearly stated some of the reason and the effect of too much use of it.

4. What additional concerns are there for children using digital media? Should children under 8 use computer and cell phones? Why or why not? No, I don’t think children under 8 years old allow to use cell phones and computers because at this stage they are focus more on playing and social inter action with other kids rather than spending their time on gadgets.

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