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Information Technology

Why do big companies still fail in their use of information technology? What should they be doing differently? The companies fail in use of Information Technology for a variety of reasons. Some reasons are mentioned below Software: The information system or software of the company plays major role in organization success. The software is often out of date. Software upgrades are essential with the fast growing technology and competitive market. Human Resource: The second element is human resource which causes company to fail in use of Information Technology. The newly upgraded or installed software are new to users which takes time to understand and operate the new software. Managers: The managers must have knowledge of new software and must know how to install and operate in the department. It’s the duty of manager to carry output from employees by newly introduced software. The right time to change software: The Company must identify the time period in the year where they feel the company is not very busy or can have some extra time to install and implement new software. No solution plan: Companies don’t create a good solution plan. All businesses should have a good plan to introduce new information technology and a good plan to maintain it. Proper installation and maintenance is the key to successful implementation of Information Technology.

Security: Managers are failed to maintained security of the important and operational data. Managers must take care of Company Information and maintain standards to protect company important data from hackers and cyber criminals through fire walls, anti-virus and all necessary measures. How can information technology support a company’s business processes and decision making and give it a competitive advantage? Give examples to illustrate your answer. Information Technology plays a vital role in modern world. There are so many different ways that information technology can support a business’s processes and decision making. One of the ways that information technology can do this is by making information more readily available to managers with the programs that the IT specialist develops. For instance, the manager wants to know how sales are doing for a new product that was recently released. The program makes this easy for her to do with just a few click of the mouse. She can log on to her computer, pull up the program, type in the name of the product that you want the information for and it all pops up. If you did not have this program you may have to do all this manually, by adding the figures all up by yourself, or you may even have to go to the sales rep and talk to them and see how things have been.

That can all be very time consuming. The technology can keep the manager informed on a daily basis leaving them able to keep tabs on their products and knowing whether or not they need to produce more, produce less, or stop the line all together cause sales are way low. Information Technology gives a company a competitive advantage because you can use the internet to make a Web site which allows customers or stockholders to easily access your information and make orders with just the click of a button. For instance, EBay and Amazon shrink our global market, worldwide buyers and sellers are just away one click from each other. Information Technology gives these companies the competitive advantage of very large market size and customers from all over the world. Many companies are now trying to get in the race of Information Technology based businesses to capture larger market and many customers which are impossible to reach demographically.

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