Information technology Essay Topics

People and IT

Both employees of organizations and managers are today increasingly concerned about the capacity of organizations to adapt to rapidly changing environmental conditions. The rate of change in the technological, economic, political, and sociocultural environments is picking up speed, and organizations are, therefore, finding it more and more important to figure out how to adapt. What… View Article

Computer and Information System

The single information technology system that holds the most potential for my organization is Electronic Health Records (EHR). The organization I am associated with is a small orthopedic surgery practice that houses five physicians. Each physician operates as an independent private corporation and maintains an individual chart for each patient. If a patient visits multiple… View Article

Information Systems in Global Business Today

How IT drives the UPS operation worldwide. Using smart people and smart technology, UPS delivers over 14 million packages daily to 200 countries and territories, requiring the talents of 70,000 drivers who are wirelessly connected to UPS main databases located in seventeen major data centers throughout through out the world. Case United Parcel Service’s global… View Article

Electronic civil disobedience

Civil disobedience has been a large part of societies and the past generations that have existed. With the further dawning of the information technology era, civil disobedience has taken another form—electronic civil disobedience (ECD). Though ECD takes a rather non-violent means in advancing the interests of certain groups and positing challenges to the status quo… View Article

IT Operations, Controls, Reporting, and Maintenance

Following Office of Inspector General Report the major number of mistakes was aloud in Information Resources Management (IRM) section and in evaluation of information technology performance. EPA has failed to produce sufficient IRM Policy Manual, with strict provided Interim Policy regarding the evaluation of performance of information technology program. One of the most crucial mistakes… View Article

The Impact of Information Technology on Governments and Educational Organizations

The Impact of Information Technology on governments: The Information Technology has revolutionized the government in servicing citizen. The nation consists of many varied information. All the information collected in the advanced database system and the concern department can retrieve the data from the single database. simple example in our Indian Institution is Public Deliver Systems… View Article

IT Conversion Strategies

IT conversion takes place when the system has error or to improve functionalities or to expand the capacity of the system considering database, facilities , modules etc. for the conversion of system five components of system should be considered namely, hardware, software, data, procedure and people. While conversion of system any of these components should… View Article

Professional Issues

Information technology is defined as the development, installation an implementation of computer systems and applications. It can also be defined as (ITAA definition) the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer based systems particularly software applications and hardware. It deals with use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process,… View Article

Information technology

The number one benefit of information technology is that empowers people to do whatever they want to do. It lets people to be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn’t think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential. Today Domenic and I… View Article

Information Technology

Advancements in information technology have had many great benefits on society. It has revolutionized the phase of business and living around the world. Information Technology has made Local businesses become international due to a simple website. Information technology (IT) is the use of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data. The… View Article

Information Technology Profession

Information Technology plays an important role in today’s society. It plays the role of an enabler of social goals as well as business objectives of the organizations. IT professionals are involved in creating IT infrastructure and communication networks. Another set of IT professionals create applications that run on these IT infrastructure and network. These applications… View Article

Consulting Services in Information Technology

Before discussing the role of consulting service firms in procurement of Information Technology resources and solutions, we will first describe some rules of thumb that dictate the selection process for aforesaid purpose. The basic rule is “the simpler the better”, but this often leads to oversimplification of complex tasks (Braley, 2009) and we must avoid… View Article

Information Technology: Structures of Data

The home page of the ITPRC Web site introduces it as “The Information Technology Professional’s Resource Center” (ITPRC, 2007). Originally created in 1999, the avowed purpose of the Web site is to provide a one-stop shop for IT professionals for technical information on data networking. The purpose is laudable because data networking is a vital… View Article

IT Security

With the advent of the new technological age, businesses and individuals find it more and more difficult to cope with the growing amount of information. The more technological businesses become, the more information they are compelled to process and store, thus creating a whole set of challenges and controversies in the IT field. The problem… View Article

Prioritizing the IT Project Portfolio

Project portfolio management is the management process tailored to aid the organization gain and review important information concerning all its projects, which are then sorted and prioritized according to some criteria like strategic value, cost, effects on resources and others (Greer, 2009). IT project portfolio management has certain objectives that must prompt its undertaking. However,… View Article

Information technology

Information technology pertains to electronic tools that facilitate several processes that are commonly employed in an institution, including the collection, storage, retrieval and transfer of information from one site to another. It should be understood that information technology increases the speed in data handling not only within one institution, but also within a network that… View Article

IT service

The IT service offers reliable, fast and cost smart IT online support to global clientele. The idea for such a service is derived from the constant growth of demand for various IT services and a wide offer of skilled professionals available globally. The projected 2004-14 employment increase of 453,000 translates into 1.6 million jobs [1]…. View Article

Examination on the Strategic Use of Information Technology in Tanzania Service Industries

Businesses can attain sustainable competitive advantage by utilizing Information Technology (IT) in responding to the changing customers’ needs and changing business environment. (Talebnejad, 2008). This demands the organization to know how to apply this technology, and also devise appropriate and cost effective method for successful implementation. For example in 2004, the study of the relation… View Article

Information Technology

Information Technology and related career fields have consistently been in high demand. This has been the case especially since the Information Technology (IT) boom experienced in the past decade. Jobs within the IT industry are also becoming increasingly dynamic and average graduates are presented with a lot of options and career paths to choose from… View Article

Information Technology

A number of professions in our society are required to abide by a certain set of rules that regulate their actions due to the nature of work they are engaged in. Examples are those of lawyers, doctors, accountants, who follow codes of ethics that define acceptable and punishable behavior to patients and clients. Now, as… View Article

Information Technology and Logistics Integration

Information technology can help logistics integration by simplifying complex processes within the company or organization. Through simplification, long processes are streamlined thus creating more opportunities to improve the quality of services and goods. It can also make a company more productive and be very flexible to any business demands. Information technology has helped Sunsweet Growers… View Article

Information Technology Management

It is commonly argued in the Information Systems literature that a major reason why organizations fail to exploit Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) successfully is because of the lack of “alignment” between the Information Strategy, the Business Strategy and the Organizational Strategy. The provisions according to information sytem literature correspond to the real happenings in… View Article

ICT Industry And Employment

Understanding the impact of information technology will greatly affect one’s choice of career path. In this world of computers, electronic data and the internet, it is more practical to consider jobs and careers that go hand in hand with IT. There are solid evidences that the ICT industry will soon be the biggest player in… View Article

The Impact of Information Technology on HR Management

Information technology is advancing at an alarming rate across different fields and practices. One major area of concern is how information technology is developing in the HR management practice. Based on the works of Ball (2005), technology in the human resource management, IT has been very important in all the practices. In fact, it is… View Article

Communication and Information Technology

Technological advancement have improved and eased the communication process. With the world revolving around technology, almost all tasks have been simplified consequently reducing the number of hours that one can perform a certain task. It has helped in the organizing information, thus enabling access and retrieval of information easy. The use of technology has helped… View Article

Information Systmes in Global Business Today

1) What are UPS “smart labels”? What role do they play in UPS operations? Answer: UPS “Smart Labels” is a computer generated shipping label that stores all pertinent data for shipping of packages from inception to delivery. It stores the sender information in order to facilitate timely and efficient delivery of the package. The “Smart… View Article

Internet Cafe

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The Taraba Digital Village Centre (TDVC) proposal articulates a compelling vision, that will enable Jalingo, the state capital to through the centre, play a pivotal role in assisting the government to define, develop and deliver its programmes and facilitate development based on the new Information Communication Technology (ICT’s) strategy(ies) and so facilitate business opportunities… View Article

Knowledge Management

The purpose of this essay is to answer the questions from the “Tata Consultancy Services (India)” case study on pages 253-255 of Jashapara (2011) The discussion includes advice regarding a strategic alliance with Cisco. Two of the key elements of this case study which are discussed are describing the current weaknesses in Tata Consultancy Services… View Article

Capstone Project Course Syllabus

MISSION: BSC is committed to produce globally competitive graduates imbued with strong value system through its relevant occupational, professional and technological trainings in the field of Fisheries, Agriculture, Art and Science, Information and Industrial Technology, Environmental Science, Tourism, Hospitality Management and Education and undertake timely research and community services along its core competencies to promote… View Article