Information Systems in London during Olympics 2012 Essay

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Information Systems in London during Olympics 2012

The London Olympics preparations are integrating technology for the purpose of making the event a success in terms of order and security. An estimate of 7 billion euros has been budgeted for the technology sector for the purpose of coordinating the Olympic event (House of Commons 2006). The London Organising Committee of the Olympics Games (LOCOG) has projected that the information system will use 204 million euros, the telecommunications, 63 million euros, and the internet applications, 12. 5 million euros (House of Commons 2006).

The LOCOG and the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) will oversee that resources for information systems management are carried on effectively and efficiently for the Olympics success. Technology Following the announcement that the 2012 Olympics will take place in London, the LOCOG announced the need to capitalize on latest IT developments and creation of software and hardware that are integrated from a common database (House of Commons 2006). The IT structure in London consists of an estimate of 8000 PCs, 900 servers and 1000 network and security devices which will be integrated for the function (Jones, 2009).

Moreover, there is a planned use for green IT systems for instance virtualisation which will help in reducing the number of servers needed and in turn help to cut down costs. Jones (2009) stipulates that London has the task of matching or even surpassing the Information system in the Beijing Olympics. The following types of technology were incorporated; – Journalists recorded and communicated the happenings of the event through wireless technology, and also information systems were included in the commentators’ analysis.

In the event venues, radio frequency technology was used for ticket verification. Worlwide TV coverage and online video streaming were enabled by Digital Ignition Control Systems which controlled time lags between the various Olympic venues. Online ticket selling will ensure a faster and easier success to tickets but the IS should be integrated in a way that online ticket scams are prevented (Hervey 2010). The IS in London will install surveillance systems such as the CCTV cameras that will help identify any suspected malicious behaviour (Chowdhry 2008).

The UK intelligence community is expected to effectively use technology in information gathering and prevention of any adversaries. Purpose of information management systems in 2012 Olympics The purpose of the integrated information systems will be to serve as a foundation for the Olympic Games planning across all the important functional and operational areas such as the transport and sport venues, the Games workforce, the press operations, and the spectator services (House of Commons 2006).

IT system is to link all the venues which will be used for Olympics in the UK and the Olympics Village. The venues are more than 90 and it is necessary to have an effective and efficient control system that will ensure that Olympic event runs smoothly. Transport system and sport venues planning Information systems will be applied in the planning and coordination of airlines, underground and overland rail links, javelin shuttles, cabs and buses.

The major issues to consider in the planning include reduction of traffic and ease of transportation to and from the Olympic venues, and parking space; and the enhancement of security in both public and private transportation systems. This is based on the fact that in such a crowded event, it is expected that pickpockets and conmen will mingle with the crowd. Information gathering CCTV cameras will be situated at strategic locations for surveillance as people go about their activities.

This includes surveillance in the transportation facilities as well as the games’ venues. Data will also be gathered by the large fleet of security officers who have been disposed to foresee the planning of the event by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) (Chowdhry, W. 2008). Training needs to take place for all the officers to be able to use integrated technologies in detection and prevention of adversaries. IT developments allow for efficient management of information and data, and thus facilitate faster and more effective processes of decision making.

This saves the time required to reconcile independent and duplicative systems. Possible barriers to knowledge management IT technology is considered the most efficient and effective in management of such a mega event that will see visitors from all over the world visit London. However, one of the major hurdles that face the preparation is the very high costs usually associated with integration of high tech information systems. The high IT costs have escalated the general amount required for carrying out the whole even by ten times more (Jones 2009).

The barrier is that this budget is already too high yet it may not be enough to deal with handling the increased security alert issues prior to and during the event. Terrorism events are on the increase and most of the developed nations including the UK are target to international terrorism (Hervey 2010). The most significant possible barrier involves the IT security where the London InfoSecurity committee fears that the Olympics information systems could be targeted by terrorists and thus imposes a threat to the national security.

Physical security measures are put in place but there are worries that weaknesses detected in the Olympics Information Systems may be overlooked and then turn out to be major security hurdles. According to Hervey (2010) terrorists have the capability to simultaneously hit both cyber systems and physical targets through a blended attack strategy, and therefore the London security has to be very cautious when installing and managing these security systems.

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