Information Systems Essay

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Information Systems

This facility is one of the most leading and innovative healthcare organizations. It provides a full spectrum of healthcare and wellness programs throughout North and South Carolina. Our diverse network of more than 650 care locations includes academic medical centers, hospitals, healthcare pavilions, physician practices, destination centers, surgical and rehabilitation centers, home health agencies, nursing homes, and hospice and palliative care.

Carolinas HealthCare System works to improve and enhance the overall health and wellbeing of its communities through high quality patient care, education and research programs, and a variety of collaborative partnerships and initiatives. Carolinas HealthCare System is an outgrowth of a community hospital originally founded in 1940. Since that time Carolinas HealthCare System has grown into one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive systems, with more than 48,000 employees, more than 6,200 licensed beds (acute care and post-acute care), and an annual budget exceeding $6. billion (comparable to many Fortune 500 companies).

Premier facilities include Levine Cancer Institute, Levine Children’s Hospital, Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute, CMC Neurology and The Transplant Center. Other specialties include maternity (regular and high risk), assisted reproduction, interventional oncology, radiation therapy, minimally invasive surgery, and many others. Through careful integration of services, Carolinas HealthCare System has built some of the nation’s largest accredited multi-hospital networks for treatment of stroke and heart attack.

Ultimately, our success is determined not by the buildings we construct, but by the investment we make in the people and programs that bring each new facility to life. We are providing a broad framework of support that enables extraordinary professionals to bring caring, commitment, integrity and teamwork to a vitally important healing mission. The motivating force behind all of this activity is fulfilling our duty to meet community needs. Each of our hospitals is locally managed by a hospital administrator who makes ecisions that affect each hospital.

Carolinas HealthCare System (CHS) is governed by a group of people who are dedicated to serving our community by providing the healthcare resources needed for our growing region. The Board of Commissioners and Advisors meets on a regular basis to review policies and procedures, as well as current and changing healthcare rules and regulations for our state and nation that impact how we provide these services. Below are the members of these committees. CHS uses electronic records which is called Canopy.

Canopy is Carolinas HealthCare System’s electronic medical record program, formerly called (EPACT). It is one of our most critical strategic initiatives and a significant leap forward to bolster our ability to improve clinical outcomes, ensure patient safety, and enhance our delivery of quality care through technology. All physicians and mid-level providers will use the electronic system for tasks such as CPOE, Medication Management and Structured Electronic Documentation. Transcription services will not change. The information that is dictated now may be dictated on and after conversion to CPOE.

The expectation is that dictation will not increase, but will decrease over time. The physicians and nurses all play a big part in the facility. They use the information systems to document the health concerns of the patients, and to also transmit the information to documents that can be easily read and understood. Many employees use the system to add, obtain, and program the patient records and personal information. Carolinas Healthcare System provides convenient outpatient programs in physical, occupational and speech therapies throughout Mecklenburg and surrounding counties.

We are also leaders in the field of workers’ compensation and vocational rehabilitation, aiding patients at their workplaces and helping them regain work skills if an injury or illness interferes with employment. Functional Capacity Evaluations are used to ascertain if a patient may return to work successfully. Designed to accelerate each patient’s recovery efforts, our outpatient facilities are staffed by accredited specialists utilizing the most advanced equipment and techniques available.

With an extensive network of outpatient centers throughout the region, we are always within reach of individuals seeking therapy, and skilled at providing the care, support and confidence vital to successful rehabilitation. The facility is very discrete with the way they access their records. Everyone has a to login to a secure network to bring up the sites for the employees to use. With more than 30 hospitals and more than 600 other care locations, CHS is strongly committed to robust electronic medical record (EMR) solutions.

The goal is to guarantee that a patient’s most recent information is quickly and securely available to all the medical providers who need it. This enables everyone on the care team to better coordinate and personalize treatments. Every patient encounter is electronically documented. For that reason, physicians at any point of contact can quickly research and gauge possible drug interactions, avoid or treat allergic reactions, or judge the possible impact of previous injuries or surgeries. Having all of this information immediately accessible not only saves time, it helps a patient’s record speak for them if necessary.

Carolinas HealthCare’s Information Services Department worked with emergency-department physicians and Cerner Corp. (NASDAQ:CERN), its electronic-health-record vendor, to design the single-order entry computer application. The streamlined order-entry process was piloted in 2011 at CMC-Northeast, a Concord hospital that has one of the busiest emergency departments in North Carolina. It was launched simultaneously with the rollout of the health-care system’s electronic-health-record initiative which features computerized physician-order entry.

During the pilot, order entries were reduced by nearly 2. 5 minutes per patient. That will save more than 2,600 physician hours per year. This facility has many positives about the employees and the site. I would like to be a part of this facility so I could put my skills to work and help the community have healthier people. Some of the strengths about the system are that it is very secure. There is a login for every employee to access in order to get in. Some of the downsides are that many others may try to hack the system and breach every ones privacy.

It is important to have a secure system to protect the patients’ rights and information. It is possible to obtain policies, procedures, brochures, and training at this facility. They even provide different schools to educate their employees, and the new individuals that want to pursue a career with them. This would be a great company for interested people to work at. It is very important that they show that their interests are in the wellbeing of their employees and newcomers.

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