Information Systems Essay Topics

Information Systems Proposal

Integrating certain information systems within a business organization will not only prove for a faster more efficient workplace but will also improve the bottom line for company growth. Even though there are numerous information systems that can be implemented and utilized to improve the growth and expansion of the company, there are five information systems… View Article

Essential Components of Effective Marketing Information System

A marketing information system (MIS) is intended to bring together disparate items of data into a coherent body of information. An MIS is, as will shortly be seen, more than raw data or information suitable for the purposes of decision making. An MIS also provides methods for interpreting the information the MIS provides. Moreover, as… View Article

Performance of Information Systems through Organizational Culture

The objective of this paper is to determine the importance of the connection between the organizational culture and the information system which can be vital to achieve essential business goals. However the proper definition of information system (IS) is important, as different people create confusion in this respect, which according to Anderson (1992) it is… View Article


Assignment # 10 Question 1: Global Information Systems are the systems developed for the multinational users in order to provide free flow of information within the divisions of a single company and between the MNCs. Question 2 Think globally and act locally means a product should suit the regional and cultural preferences of the local… View Article

Information Systems Strategic Planning

Situational analysis is defined as a methodical compilation and assessment of past and current economical, political, social, and technological data. This has an objective of assessing the organizations PEST and SWOT analysis, and also identification of internal and external forces that may affect the company’s performance and choosing of strategies. Market opportunity analysis is the… View Article

Information Systems in London during Olympics 2012

The London Olympics preparations are integrating technology for the purpose of making the event a success in terms of order and security. An estimate of 7 billion euros has been budgeted for the technology sector for the purpose of coordinating the Olympic event (House of Commons 2006). The London Organising Committee of the Olympics Games… View Article

Information Systems Barrier analyses: Task Information Systems

Design of an organization is an important facilitator of strategic information systems schemes. Yet ancient IS structures are not aligned with the age of information systems since they cannot cope with the ever increasing change and the fast horizontal indulge and usage of expansive information technologies (Boar, 2001). A design of an organization that takes… View Article

Grading System Kiosk using Fingerprint Scanner

At the present, technologies greatly changed our way of life. With technology, improvements, people are always looking for fast and easy way to match it with their fast step. Majority of people use computers for business, entertainment, and education. Teaching and learning has remained the primary activities in schools and universities. However, there are other… View Article

Information Systems in Global Business Today

1. Why is it important to understand the difference between computer literacy and information literacy? Answer: Computer literacy – When you are computer literate, you have a general working knowledge of computers. You understand what they can be used for. Most people know that they can type a paper, create a power point and if… View Article