Information System Essay

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Information System

Information System In Hotel Seri Malaysia Kangar Hotel Seri Malaysia Kangar is currently using the Guest Centrix system. Being the first Hotel Seri Malaysia branch and the earlier hotel amongst hotels in Malaysia that using and implement the Guest Centrix system in their management. Guest Centrix system has built integration with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, e-mail and many other. It offers a stable and friendly user-interface, improved by the wary use of colour and graphics. Hotel employees can learnt the system quickly, saving the time and money especially in the staff training.

The flow of the guest cycle throughout the Hotel Seri Malaysia Reservation The customers or guests who decide to stay at Hotel Seri Malaysia can make their reservation or room booking through hotel’s website, travel agents such as Agoda or, or call the hotel itself. If the reservation is accepted, the reservation agent or hotel staffs will create a reservation record that linked with Guest Centrix system. This reservation status may include the guests detail and specific request which will help the hotel to provide modified service to the guests during his or her stay. All the details on guests may help the hotel staffs to complete the pre-registration activities such as assigning room according to the request from guest, room rate to be charged to the guest folio during the stay. The hotel staffs need to make sure that the room is available when the guests arrive at the hotel.


After the guests arrive at the hotel, the front office will responsible for the registration and room assignment process. The front office need to clarify the query of the guests especially the details of the room rate or packages that had been booked on. Before that, front office need to make sure the guest’s reservation status before beginning the registration process and checking them in. The guests will filled in the registration form that contain the full name, identification card numbers, home address, billing instruction, reservation details and others. Once the method of payment confirmed and been signed by the guests, the registration process is complete. The guest may be given the key card and breakfast coupons during the stays.

During The Accommodation Period

During the occupancy, the front office is responsible for managing guest requests and providing the information and supplies to the guests. Also, front office should respond to the guest requests on time in accurate manner and meet the guest expectation of the hotel service. During this period, the security will be main consideration by the hotel. The front office should observe the hotel standard operating procedures in handling the guest key, guest personal property, emergencies that also important. The front office will observe the additional charges that need to be added into guest account that include the restaurant charges, or telephone bills.


The last element in guest cycle in hotel is checking out and creating the guests history record. During this stage, the guests will settle down all the outstanding bills or payment to the front office. After completing all the payment, the guest will return the room key card and leave the hotel.

The role of Guest Centrix System in Hotel Operation

Front Office Guest Centrix system has simplified the front officer in term of reservation, registration, check in and check out of the guests that staying at Hotel Seri Malaysia Kangar. The guests who make room reservation through website or travel agents, Guest Centrix system will create the booking status and store the reservation status in the hotel database. The hotel’s website has been designed to interact directly with Guest Centrix database that allows the guests or customers to see the hotel available rooms at certain date and packages offered. After the guests or customers finished their booking, the system also offers the payment option such as credit card or online banking and the confirmation will be sent by email.

During the registration, the front office will indicate the guests booking status before checking in. all the details includes the room or packages that already booked should be available for the guests. The guest can check in to the hotel once the registration process complete. The key card that been given to the guests has linked with the hotel information system. The key card system will provide different information on the room occupancy status which is reserved, occupied, or available.

For the checking out process, the front office will notified the guests with outstanding payment during the accommodation period. The outstanding payment is automatically been added in the guests account which is called guest folio. The guest can decide on payment method such as credit card, debit card or cash as long as the hotel accepted it. In addition, the guest information data will automatically store in the hotel information system. The record is called guest history and all the data such as guest personal information, special requirement or even past reservation is stored in Guest Centrix system. This enables the hotel staffs to identify the repeat or new guest that choose the hotel Seri Malaysia Kangar.

Housekeeping The front office and housekeeping staffs were linked with each other. All the interactions between both departments especially about the room that need to be clean, inspect or repaired will automatically show in Guest Centrix system. For each room that is occupied or available, the room status will be clean or dirty. The housekeeping staffs are responsible to clean the room so that the room status changes through the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Interface and record it as clean in Guest Centrix System.

PBX interface is used to make connections amongst the internal telephone in all rooms with the Guest Centrix system. The front office will informed the housekeeping staffs by using the walkie-talkie to inspect the room and the housekeeping staffs will monitor the room. After the job done, the housekeeper will press certain code by using telephone at the inspected room and link with the Guest Centrix system and notified the system that the room is already inspected.

Food and Beverages

For the guests who dine in in the hotel restaurant, all the bills from the restaurant will be insert by the food and beverages staffs in the guest account that will automatically linked to the Guest Centrix system. During the checking out process, the front office may refer into the guests account to distinguish the total payment should be paid by the guests.

Hotel Manual System

Human Resource Human resource department in Hotel Seri Malaysia is using punch card system to organize the staffs working hour and daily attendance. The hotel will tracked the payroll total through the punch card system.

Also, the human resource department using the filing system to manage the hotel staffs record. All the data of permanent, contract and leaving staffs are stored in hotel filing system. Security and maintenance

For security and maintenance department, there are surveillance system which is CCTV system that monitors the hotel facilities, and surrounding areas. In Hotel Seri Malaysia Kangar, CCTV system is used to observe different areas from a central control room. In the central control room, there will be one or two security officer that will monitors through the CCTV screen display.

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