Information Security Essay

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Information Security

Information Security is a fundamental function of any organization expecting to be competitive in the global market. As more and more developing countries make the leap into capitalism, competiveness will only become more essential. With Asian nations like China, Korea and India stepping up to make their presence noticed taking more of the market share than ever before other organizations must remain competitive which means keeping their piece of the pie safe and secure. Organizations’ proprietary information if left unsecure could mean loss of their competitive edge.

In the IndustryWeek. com article by, “Manufacturers Must Think Virtually to Ensure Data is Protected” Chris Benco contends; “Data is what all manufacturers rely upon, and with the ever-increasing influx of it, companies need to ensure that it is protected in the event of a natural disaster, human error or other problems. With this heavy reliance on data to maintain day-to-day operations, manufacturers cannot afford to overlook data protection as it is the key in maintaining production, optimizing productivity and guaranteeing profit.

Information security though takes on another aspect when you consider an often over looked key element of corporate information. We think of information security in terms of protecting what is on paper and in data bases, but knowledge is much harder to nail down. Knowledge, information that is stored in the minds of the organization’s personnel is just as important as any other data or product information and should be gathered and stored just the same.

As we could see in the reading material for this case assignment there are many methods for obtaining, sharing, and storing knowledge information. Some such methods were discussed by Ann Field in her article “Locking Up What Your Employees Know”. The step according to Ms. Fields are to first Create a knowledge profile, then foster mentoring relationships, encourage communities of practice, ensure that passing knowledge on is rewarded, Protect people’s privacy, and decide whether you’re interested in recorded knowledge as well.

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