Information Literacy Essay

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Information Literacy

Why is it important to understand the difference between computer literacy and information literacy? Information literacy differs from computer literacy in that information literacy is the ability to organize and analyze data whereas computer literacy simply pertains to the ability to use computer software or hardware. Information literacy goes far beyond the simple technical knowledge of being able to use a computer. It is important to understand the difference between the two because of the importance of information literacy and the benefits an individual and an organization can derive from such knowledge.

Information literacy includes computer literacy as well as information finding, information understand, value creation and sharing of information with others. (Nishimuro, 1999. ) Information literacy contributes to the resolve of problems and advancements in all industries. It is because of its importance that the difference between computer literacy and information literacy must be understood. It is no longer sufficient to be solely computer literate. Without information literacy, computer literacy restricts the user to technical skills.

Data Mining Data mining is the concept of collecting information about certain situations to help with forecasting. How does the use of data warehouses and data mining help management make better decisions? Raw data on its own serves no business intelligence purposes. With major companies holding such a large amount of information in databases consolidated via the use of data warehouses, analyzing such data calls for higher technology, thus data mining. Running Head: Information Literacy3.

“Data mining, or knowledge discovery, is the computer-assisted process of digging through and analyzing enormous sets of data and then extracting the meaning of the data. ”(Alexander) How does the use of data warehouses and data mining help management make better decisions? The use of data mining allows management to predict trends based on existing data and to implement changes in marketing or other aspects of business in order to achieve organizational goals. For example, if Wal-Mart management discovers from data mining that most purchases are made between the hours of 5p.

m. – 10 p. m. , they may implement schedule changes to accommodate more customers. Data mining also helps guide management in marketing strategies. End Users and Database Selection To what extent should end users be involved in the selection of a database management system and database design? The end user should be involved in every aspect of the selection of database management system as well as the design as they determine and provide what information should be stored and how it is to be retrieved.

(Kutz, 2002. )Thus, the determining factor in the selection of the database management system and database system is ultimately the need of the end user and the database management system’s ability to meet this need in the most user-friendly and beneficial method. VoIP and Value to Businesses Describe VoIP and its value to business. The acronym VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This technology enables people to make phone calls over the internet. Running Head: Information Literacy4.

The business benefits of VoIP are as follows: reduction in communication costs, improves operational efficiency, and enhancement of productivity. Cloud storage as well as a reduction in long distances charges are some of the financial benefits of using VoIP. Furthermore, teleconferencing and remote work translates into a reduction in flight costs and also contributes to enhanced productivity. Telecommuting has become a benefit for many workers who are part of today’s mobile society.

Furthermore, client retention is promoted by VoIP in that the company is able to provide faster customer responsiveness which in turns leads to happier clients. Thus, although some investment is required for VoIP, the financial and operational benefits of such technology is of great return on investment. References Web log message]. Retrieved from http://www. blurtit. com/q6825578. html Nishimuro, T. (1999). Information literacy: How does it differ from computer or traditional literacy?.

Techknowlogia, Retrieved from http://www. techknowlogia. org/TKL_Articles/PDF/3. pdf Alexander, D. (n. d. ). Data mining. LAITS Resources, Retrieved from http://www. laits. utexas. edu/~anorman/BUS. FOR/course. mat/Alex/ Kutz, M. (2002). Materials selection handbook. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons. Retrieved from http://books. google. com/books Find the value in business VoIP. Retrieved from http://www. tdsbusiness. com/Resources/white-papers-find-the-value-in-business-voip. pdf.

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