Information Flow in an Organization Essay

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Information Flow in an Organization

Depending upon the organization information is used and disseminated accordingly. Information flow plays a very important role, and is a critical component among businesses who seek to be more successful than their competition. Companies cannot operate without a proper and concise information flow which is accessible through the company’s different departments. The IT department and information systems are mainly responsible for providing ways for the various departments within the company to have access to applications and systems that assist employees in accomplishing their jobs with more ease. Businesses today rely heavily on information technology, and software applications to assist the different departments through helping them complete their daily tasks and functions in a faster and better manner.

Software applications help the information systems run in a way that allow employees to perform more tasks in less time and help everything run smoothly together similar. As I examine my current employer I can see how important information flow is to the success of our company. Information is used to work together with every department; however it is easy to point out how it flows by examining each department such as Sales, Engineering, Programming and Production.

As orders are placed, our sales department is the first step in information flow in my organization. Customers have specific requirements for each machine they purchase which generally always differ from previous versions we have made. Once the sales orders and specifications are in order they are sent from the sales department to our Engineering department to be designed. There are several different draftsmen and each has their own area of expertise. The Production Manager assigns the frames and machines to be designed to the draftsmen based on the specifications given by the customer. Also, while in Engineering, the machines are given job numbers that will follow them throughout the shop so that it may be tracked as well as allow employees to clock into the proper job. Having a specific job number tied to a specific machine also allows management to review every individual that has worked on these machines at any time.

After the machines have designed and approved they are then sent to the programming department. The programming department is responsible for tearing the machines apart in a CAD system known as SolidWorks and separating the frame from the sheet metal. After this has been completed the next step is to individually program each piece of tubing in the frame and apply the proper programming required for optimum cutting time on the laser. The next thing that is programmed is all the sheet metal parts.

In order to program sheet metal, the part which is drawn in solidworks, must be saved and transformed into a DXF file. These files are put into a software called SigmaNest and programmed fairly easy. Once all elements of the machine has been programmed, the programming department takes the programs, the job related to the machine, the machine drawings and specifications, and the sales order and hands it off to the Floor Manager for Production.

After the Floor manager has all this information, he decides which machines to cut and in what order to cut them in based on shipping dates. He then takes the machine programs, jobs, and drawing and pass them out to the proper departments which will work on cutting, assembling, painting, and testing each one of our machines before they are sealed and shipped off to any of our customers throughout the world.

Information flow is essential in any business in maintain functionality as well as productivity. Without some sort of order, without some sort of standard operating procedures our company could not be one of the leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery in the world.

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