Information Communication Technology Ethics Essay

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Information Communication Technology Ethics

Reflection (1)

Philosophy & Ethics; “allows us to breakout of prejudices and harmful habits that we held since we were too young or too naïve to know better”. Also allows us to see and appreciate other views of the world and study it to see “the consequences of our views”, because what we think & know might not be right “inconsistent”. What is Ethics? “Ethics deals with what we should and should not do, what acts are “good” and “wrong” “. Ethics in my point of view is a very crucial yet sensitive controversial topic (Fluffy?).As humans there are defiantly dos and don’ts since the day of our birth, but since this is molded and inferred by ones culture, community, circumstances.

These rules tend to change from one place to another (region, family culture, religion), also from times to others (eras). It is important to have ethics in our lives to co-exist as humans and have predictable consequences. The difficult part is the sensitive part, where the people are not open enough for change, sometimes not open minded enough for simply discussing their ethics, believes or their code of life, and just want to impose believes, culture, any form of ethics on others who don’t want to follow (you can’t please everyone when it comes to ethics). I personally follow somewhat a mixture of Deontological, virtue Ethics.

Reflection (2)

There is a difference between your molarity and your professional morality, where your morality doesn’t it always corresponds to the morality that your profession dictates. On the other hand the reason that a person would chooses a certain profession is because of its attractive value system that matches his/her morality and values, but it’s not always the case as discussed in class some people have the ability to switch entirely between their personal and professional lives, and some might be put in a position that opposes their morality and they are fully responsible for their actions and fully aware of the consequences that might follow.

Ethics in information communication technology discipline is quite new, mainly because the major advancement in this system is fairly new as well, where it’s constantly changing and developing. The discipline now also occupied a huge rule in our daily lives, where we are almost always in contact with technology from the moment we wake up till the moment we sleep.

Digital media significantly now alters our ethical responsibility on one another, because now we live in the digital world “we can’t assume that our ways work for everyone”, since the world not too long ago wasn’t that close, actions and data didn’t travel that fast, people and cultural ethics were preserved and rarely affected. In the meantime now data is flying everywhere the once local is now global in minutes maybe seconds and it’s just too soon unstudied cultural shocks and misunderstanding occur more often, but with this misunderstanding with the right people is corrected for good and others misconceived for good. By these experiences some therefore ethically knowing the cultural difference would tend to rethink before doing something offensive or controversial to avoid troubles.

Reflections (3)

Privacy…”we are our data” I do believe that. I also believe that if we are our data we can’t be denied the freedom of using, sharing or hiding it, because it’s a part of you. In this era of computer technology our data can be our thoughts regardless it might be moral or not it still belong to us, where in any other age than ours, it would have been kept the way you choose it to be, but now you can’t help but to feel stalked or judged. The floating “malleable” “greased” data privacy is a two edged sword, it can protect from evil and can cause evil and misfortune. And since evil and misfortune always exists and always will, the way it was before is known, which the freedom of our privacy choices is and that is because it will at least control one known evil which is this data misuse.

Reflections (4)

Intellectual freedom is a basic human right for all humans of all cultures and believes. This freedom has to be respected and protected universally. Furthermore I believe even if this is a basic human right, it must not be abused, and that’s where ethics and morality acts in, because even though you are entitled to your own opinion the person must bear in mind that words are very powerful and can do harm.

The controversy between censorship and intellectual freedom, where one of the requirements of intellectual freedom to be fulfilled is that “the society makes an equal commitment to the right of unrestricted access to information and ideas regardless of the communication medium used, the content of the work/and the viewpoints of both the author and receiver of information.”

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