Informal Letter Essay

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Informal Letter

I’m sorry I haven’t written for ages as I have been busy studying The last few months and haven’t had the time. Any way, I thought I’d drop you a line and tell you about my visit to London . First of all, London is one from the most popular cities in the world As it is famous by its historic sites, wonderful streets , and well-known universities as London university where I received my educational course.

Before going to London , I dreamt to have an educational course there and very soon this dream was accomplished after keeping up with my studies at the universities till I was awarded by a scholar ship to keep on my studies at London university by which I considered it as an accomplished dream. however, I didn’t consider my travel to London as an educational travel only, but I caught up the chance to visit many popular places as Buckingham palace , Wembley stadium as I attended the UEFA champions league final by which I was excited by the hustle and bustle of the fans encouraging there teams as well as the vivid colours of the teams and fans kits that decorated the stadium.

Not only did I go to Wembley stadium, but I also tried Harrods the most popular series of shops in London which were filled by the new fashionable versions . All in all, now I felt relieved by sending to you this letter. Take a good care , I’m looking forward to seeing you soon. don’t forget to send me to tell me about your latest news.

Regards, Ahmed

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