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Infographic: How To Give Better Presentations

For some, looking at a sea of faces from a stage can be a great feeling. But for many others, it can be quite an intimidating place to be in. The reaction of listeners can inspire or kill the confidence of the presenter, and perhaps the best solution to deal with this is understand what makes a presentation impactful. An on ways to give better presentations states that taking time and putting in the hard work is the only way to nail it.

The infographic stresses on using the “10-20-30 rule”  for your content- maximum 10 slides, maximum 20 minutes in duration, and usage of 30 point fonts. Presenting your business to a potential investor? Just like your startup, ensure that the presentation too is “,” by cutting out excessive text and offering a succinct message. The infographic stresses on establishing trust with the audience, and urges presenters to back major claims with data / statistics, and make the presentation as interactive as possible.

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Check out the infographic below to understand the fundamentals of presentations.


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