Influences in our lives Essay

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Influences in our lives

As we get older, we change, either for the better or for the worse. In either ways, people around us play a huge factor in influencing the way that we are. Living for what feels for a lifetime; you may be influenced by the environment and all the people around you and not even realize that they are the reason behind changes in your personality. It is simply amazing how everything around us affect the way we are. Through my experiences, three groups of people who influenced me most on who I am today would be my family, friends, and teachers.

From my perspective, my family is the most responsible for my personality. Being the middle child between my three older brothers and my two younger brother and sister, I have always been the one who my parents would depend on and who they would trust to do the household tasks when necessary, for an example, making sure the kids did their homework when my parents were not able to, cleaning, cooking, and running errands. My older brothers on the other hand, were not the most successful and considering that I am from a younger generation, my parents still have hopes for me in succeeding to my maximum potential. My inspiration comes from my younger siblings as well, being the older brother; I try my best to become a good role model.

In addition, my ambitious and optimistic nature is one of the most important traits. Thinking positively and never giving up on things and people no matter what, is something I have tried to do in all situations. The motives behind these influences come from my friends; whether if they are my best friends, friends, or acquaintances, I have been influenced by them in little ways that impacts my life. The way I socialize and the way I joke around are similar to how my groups of friends are towards me. My friends also encourage me, told me to never give up, to always believe in myself and if I wanted and worked hard enough, I could accomplish anything.

Finally, my inspiration to do well productively that I give credit to are my teachers. Today I deeply believe in the necessity to maintain a good, balanced, and successful education. When I was younger, impressing my
teacher was always a goal but now it is mainly about impressing myself. I am not the best student in class but with the help and encouragements coming from my teachers, I strive to do better than my last scores.

Moreover, being influenced by others could happen in many ways and can happen subconsciously. Also, sometimes, even those who influence you might not realize it themselves; but who knows, maybe I influence them the same way. The influence coming from my family, friends, and teachers help me to become a better person every day. Overall, people around us affect our lives and shapes us as the person we are today.

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