Influence of Violence in Video Game on Kids

Have you ever wanted to run someone over with your car, go on a killing spree, or rip a person’s spine out of their body? Religious people and politicians say this stems from video games, which is not true If you know someone who is a gamer then you might know if they do may something called rage. This happens when players try to get achievements but they can’t due to lack of skill or luck (the developers of video games make these achievements hard to earn) or to complete a mission in a time limit, kill a boss on the hardest difficulty and with only a certain weapon on solo.

This is why players rage, they do not rage because they are violent and have a never-ending bloodlust, it is only about the game what has or hasn’t been put into said game.In today’s world, people believe that violent video games, movies, and shows cause violent tendencies.

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Mortal Kombat is a video game known for including violence. Video games have been blamed for all kinds of violence, including fighting, violent yelling and most of all school shooters. Video games playing does not cause violence and is a way for kids to let off steam.

Video games are not real, this is why they are called games as they are for fun. The rage comes out when the person becomes upset and does something like throwing their video game controller. People will say that this is an example of video games promoting violence, but this action is an example of someone’s emotions and a healthy way to let out steam.

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According to, Video game advocates say that there are no confirmed evidence video games cause social violence.While on the other side people who are pro video games that they are actually not harmful “They argue that violent video games may provide a safe outlet for aggressive and angry feelings, which might reduce crime.” (

I agree that video games are a time for people to let out their stress, but I also agree that some people take it too far and don’t have to get angry as they do. This is still not evidence that video games are the cause of the violent tendencies someone has. After all, kids pretend to fight with sticks by pretending they’re knights trying to kill each other and other similar games. My point being, without video games kids still think what is considered violent thoughts. Kids will play (especially boys) tackle football, wrestle and fight. Kids have a lot of energy and through this pretend fighting this is how they get it out. A video game example of this play fighting is in, For Honor, you play as a knight, Viking, or a samurai and play against other players. Video games have ratings on them for parents to decide if it is appropriate for their child. On the front side of a case of a video game of there is a letter which symbolizes what age group it is appropriate for.

The reason for such caution is to make a checklist for parents to know whether or not it is appropriate for their children examples are foul language, blood, gore, and sexual nudity. Even when there is blood and gore you are the hero saving the world and countless innocents or you are shooting at something which is deemed mindless, brutal, and monstrous Such as a zombie,vampire or other variations this leads you to kill them, justifying your actions.Video games do not cause violent behavior.There is no scientific-consesus backed research supporting the idea that playing video games– even bloody,realistic shooters-does not cause real world violence says engadget. Even if you are killing people then it’s for a reason it’s very rare for players to do so.Without punishment part of the answer is due to that not very many games allow that.Even when it is allowed then the game will police you such as having the military or police and try to kill and chase you. In the past people first thought that reading was bad, then, tv, movies such as Rambo and Expendables, comics like Superman and now in the present day people think its violent video games but however all of this concern has been in vain. In an article on the reason for such concern has stemmed from deeply religious people, politicians, and parents.

Politicians in Marin County of Northern California went so far as to say people could “trade in their violent video games and toy guns for Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.” ( Politicians say this to get more votes from a demographic. These politicians tell people that they will restrict the sale of video games but then they tell something completely different to another demographic and in reality, they do not care whether or not they’re sold they just want more votes to stay in office. Parents care as they think games will turn their kids into rapists ,murders etc. They are terrified of the thought there children unknowingly meeting rapists or psychopaths(this only happens in online games in which you play with people all across the world but this is in extremely rare cases). Video games do not promote or even cause violence. Video games are a time for people to have fun in their free time. Now I’m not saying that you have to believe me and that i know everything so therefore you have to listen what i have to say.No, not at all am i saying that,but what i am saying is to believe the facts and I’m just the messenger and you can’t argue with facts.Whether or not you are against video games you should think “Wait are they actually bad ” and “am i just married to my opinions and feel like i have to defend them to the death”. After all, as the old saying goes you should think before you act.

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