Influence of Technology on Society

Many people create an aversion to many aspects of real life, becoming addicted to the sorcery that the virtual world offers. The facilities that this world creates the wrong illusion, and often even noticed, that we may not need other humans. The virtual conversation may seem enough to contain the craving for relationships, and many people lose touch with the world around them because they are too absorbed in their virtual lives as if they are their reality. After all, since it is possible to do almost everything in the comfort of your home, why would it be necessary to leave it?

In No Need to Call Sherry Turkle argues that social communication thru technology causes people to isolate themselves and change the way they shape their identity and connect with other people.

Therefore, so that various virtual socialization causes can lead to social isolation, being the most influential of all time is the internet because people tend to stay connected for about 8 hours a day, using this communication channel to interact with several people at the same time, being them anywhere on the planet.

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And work induces isolation as people operate on their virtual machines to complete their tasks. Social isolation is extremely dangerous because people create a dependency that leads them to annul the real world, to live in a virtual world that will be harmful, because generally people who isolate themselves in this superficial world, tend to be shy and have low self-esteem.

The means of socializing using technology are social networks and chat.

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The goal is to facilitate communication and relationships between people. Therefore, people who have a certain level of shyness will feel more comfortable communicating through the computer, than in person.

However, virtual socialization has evil effects. The most significant harm is a social phobia, due to the ease of communication offered by these pages of social relationship. People who are afraid to relate to others use this device as an escape valve to avoid physical contact with people. Because, through the computer, we can all be what we are not in society.

An example of social phobia that leads people to seek virtual socialization services is related to bullying. That is people who are constantly humiliated by others in schools, work that use virtual socialization to escape from reality. Turkle states that ‘I see a vulnerability in this generation, so quick to say, ‘Please don’t call,’ 3 They keep themselves at a distance from their feelings” (Turkle 517-518).

Family destruction can be reached in a variety of fields, be they emotional, social, financial, educational (school), as well as in routine activities, preventing the healthy functioning of the family on a day to day basis with a risk of damages in the future. Expressing emotions, making friends, exercising, are being replaced by activities in the digital world.

Notably, the main area reached in the relationship between parents and children in the digital age has been dialogue. Today most parents spend most of the day away from home; the work consumes them, come home stressed after a full day of professional charges, and when they have time during the day, they communicate with their children through connection by cell phone using a text message.

When Turkle interviewed Maureen a college freshman, who is thrilled to have discovered one of these programs.  She says that only her parents send her voice-mail: ‘I love my parents, but they don’t know how to use the phone. It’s not the place to leave long voice messages. Too long to list to. Now, I can scroll through the voicemail as a text message. Great'(519).

Excessive use of technology is a way of disconnecting from yourself and being connected to machines. In many cases, it is really like an anesthetic, a kind of refuge for not living the distress and difficulties of the real world.

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