Influence of Information systems Essay

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Influence of Information systems

This research investigates the influence of Information system at Human Resource and what are their impacts on organizational performance. Organizations are moving faster towards the Information Technology and adapt more and more advancements of Information Technologies. In today’s context none of the organization can survive without Information technology. Every organization has developed or either purchased information systems to support their business functionalities in order to face the competitive advantages. Most of the organizations are investing on Information Systems, thinking that it would help to increase the performance of their organization. Will the Information system can alone increase the performance of the organization? What impact has this on Human Resource of the Organization? These are questions that today’s Organization having today. Even though the Organizations is implemented the advance information system purchased or developed in-house supports “Without a doubt, advancement in technology has had a huge impact on organizations across the globe over the last few decades. It has impacted a range of sectors of the economy on diverse levels chiefly in the financial, educational entertainment, direct sales retailing, and healthcare and information sectors.

By and large, its impact is evident on any activity that relies heavily on communication and information flow, lowering the cost of communication” – Child (2009). With the rapid development of the technology, advancement of the information systems should be upgraded. Is the advancement of technology applied or used by the organization is another question. Will these information system satisfied users requirements or are they being underutilized should be the major concern. How far these information system supports and helpful to the internal employees should address thoroughly in order to learn how effective these technologies are using in the current situation. As many of the organization Commercial Credit and Finance PLC is looking forward to survive in the rapidly changing economic system while competing with other giants in the industry. IT is becoming the most vital role for the organization and its a must reason to have a good Information System which will have positive impact towards its human resource. IT alone cannot drive a business a success. Human Resource is also equally important as IS in gaining competitive advantage. Employees expecting to grow team work, quality of their work and fulfillment of the life for a better establishment in the work place.

“Shifting demographic patterns, the pace of technological change, and the path of economic globalization — will evolve over the next 10-15 years. Then, they consider the implications of these trends for key aspects of the future workforce and workplace, including the size, composition, and skills of the workforce; the nature of work and workplace arrangements; and worker compensation” – Lynn Karoly and Constantijn Panis (2004) According to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka Annual report of 2012 (Central Bank of Sri Lanka, 2013), there are sixty non-banking finance companies operating in a fiercely competitive environment. All these companies are working on a 646 billion rupee cumulative asset base that is left behind by the government and private Banks. This highly competitive environment has brought about a sense of dynamism to the industry where organizations such as the one being assessed are either perpetrators or victims of replication or imitation. In this sense firms must constantly renew their products, skills and capabilities.

Instead of doing this in a haphazard manner resulting in being a follower it is important for firms in such a competitive arena to look at innovation and the capabilities it requires in a structured way that would earn its due rents. In this age of portability and technology driven market place, these financial organizations depend heavily on their shared information technology departments to deliver value through pointing in the right direction. On the other end is an IT department that is more inclined to do the daily firefighting and has exhausted its resources by simply sticking to day to day activities. There is a standoff between senior management trying to make sense of IT investments in the form of new innovations to help keep up with its competitors and the information technology departments who don’t see themselves as drivers of innovation but back office functions. The research site concerned has seen tremendous growth and success in the industry within the past three years with a net profit rise of fifteen fold (Commercial Credit & Finance PLC, 2013). Unfortunately in keeping with this momentum the firm has faced its share of difficulties with IT related innovations where budget overruns and high time to market has severely affected the firm’s performance in some aspects. Research Objectives

1. To identify how effective the firm is in using information system
2. To identify how information systems affects firms performance
3. Explore the impact of the information systems on human resource of the company
4. To identify impact of human resource for Organization Performance

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