Influence of celebrities X parents Essay

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Influence of celebrities X parents

Invasion of the celebrities in homes around the word have an impact in children life. Celebrities are everywhere. Media like television shows, Internet, and magazines make the presence of celebrities constant in daily live, and this presence result an influence under younger. Sometimes this impact agrees with parents’ values but sometimes diverges. While parents work hard to give a good education for their children, the widely spread of some celebrity behavior make a mess in younger minds.

As well as parents, personalities have a meaningful presence in young lives. Appearing al the time celebrities concur with parents for children attention. Occasionally, teenagers prefer to be in front of television watching their favorite shows than spend time with family. In some cases, celebrities can have a positive influence under children. Teens might admire a disciplined athlete, a philanthropic actor and also they might be impressed by parents ethical conducts.

It is known that misbehavior of celebrities is widely divulged, and adolescents that are exposed to these behaviors might change their comportment. Young usually follow the celebrities tends like hairstyles, clothing, and even ideal. Opinions and values may change and sometimes can go against the father and mother principles. Family usually teaches their successors what is right and wrong. However, celebrities behavior like the singer Justin Bieber, that get involved in a minor scuffle with paparazzo, may give to children an impression that it is normal, and also they may think that these conducts are acceptable by society.

The disclosure of celebrity lives may make children mind sometimes resulting in a divergent values of their parents, in other perspective agree with parents education. The incessant presence of personalities involves the younger mind and leads boys and girls to change their behavior. Comportment example tends copied from children. The comportment can come from TV stars and parents. Depending the type of example, younger shift their thoughts to better, but maybe it can prompt in a behavior in opposite to their parents. Notably, as well parent celebrities easily influence children. For this reason, parents cannot underestimate their power, and they have to assume the control of their children.

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