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I chose this topic especially for nowadays influence. You can just look around and you will see how everyone is influenced by something. Especially youngsters, they show their life style, favorite music, what kind of fashion they like, basically you can find it out by one view. It doesn’t have to be right though, sometimes people go crazy, they take it more serious, they started to be fanatic. They don’t think by their own wisdom. People get used to be influenced by others, very often it is by someone who you really like.

Feelings can do a lot they can force us to do what we would have never done. We become to be “stupid” we can’t recognize what is right and what is not. But feelings are not only one of dangerous influence it could be a group of people or organization, school, social network. Influence is not that bad in every case, very often is really good for being better. Society is really strong impact. Usually sensible people are more prone to be influenced than stronger people.

People with established goals are more powerful, main priorities keep people to follow their own dreams. Karo is a perfect example, her dream was going to Spain, she didn’t care about group called the wave, she cared only about her boyfriend, that’s why she was interested in group’s movement. The opposite of her is Denis, he didn’t have really good family foundations, he didn’t exactly know what he wants to do, so he fell in temptation, he felt like he can be part of something, the wave was really popular there, so it made him powerful.

When someone gets power of influence, then can other people make to believe what “leader” wants them to believe, it’s not only power but it is about getting social position. Social position has important role in influence. Members of group obey the leader, but there is really big risk of being possessed. Mostly it starts with unwritten rule “who is not going with us is going against us”. Here is the deal, your friends can be one of all members but you are not part of it, do you want to go against your friend?

Of course not, so you will join them. You don’t think about it, if it is good or not, it is your friend, many your friends. People are blind when they do what others do. So basically you can succumb the impact whenever. If you want to be a part of group, or you do it for someone who you really love. Or if you just can’t find yourself, you don’t know what you want, you don’t know what your goal is in your life. Only carefulness can save you. Influence is not that innocent how it does look like.

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