Industrial Revolution Britain

During the Industrial Revolution Britain is known for their colonies, political securities, and society and then spread throughout other countries such as the United States. Britain had growing agriculture, technology, economic strength, and politically stability that was shared with the United States. Britain had large amounts of land that was used for experimenting with new techniques of farming. They figured out how to rotate soil and bring nutrients to the soil. Technology came with the experiments of farming with higher quality of machinery and more production.

Since economic practices are in place because of fast production, banks were built so farmers who wanted to expand their business or get loans for equipment.

In the political aspect of things in Britain, the middle class society seems to set the tone. These people ‘were liberals, favorite constitutional government, private property, free trade, and social reform within limits’ (Ways of the World pg.

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743). American industrialization began in the 1820’s and grew rapidly. United States was considered ‘young, democratic, expanding country, well populated, and a large number slaves of African origin’ (Way of the World pg. 753). The United States had extraordinary natural resources that contributed to the Industrial Revolution such as large amounts of water for crops and machines, timber for wood used for crafts that can be traded, large amounts of coal and iron. The United States became the ‘world’s leading power by 1914’ (Ways of the World pg. 753).

Once the United States took its own industrialization approach where the government had control to where ‘tax breaks, grants given to the railroad for land, laws enabling the easy formation of corporations, the absence of industry that are fostered by large business enterprises’ (Ways of the World pg. 753) set a higher economic growth for the United States. The United States was building on its economic growth it has its own problems too. One problem was the ‘weakness of the socialism in the United States’ (Ways of the World pg. 755). In the American union organization, they struggled with unskilled labors mixed with skilled labors. Their complaint is how immigrants worked differently than the labors in the United States which caused a division causing the identification of class being an issue. Even with these issues United States remains a ‘higher economic growth on an average standard of living for Americans than Europeans’ (Ways of the World pg. 755).

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