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Industrial Arts Assignment

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Industrial Arts Assignment


A try square is a tool used to measure right angles and straightness

A rule is used to measure length and straightness of an object

A marking gauge is used to mark out parallel lines of an object

A sliding bevel is used to mark out angles of an object

A tenon saw is used to cut ‘tenons’ or strips of wood

A coping saw is used to cut more detailed shapes into wood

A nail punch is used to push nails deeper into the wood

A Warrington hammer is a lightweight hammer used to work on detailed pieces of wood

Pincers are used to grab and pull nails out of the wood

A bench hook is used to hold the wood in place while working on it

A circular saw is an electric saw used to cut pieces of wood





center29019500center13779500center2667000Try Square

center18478500center3238500 Sliding Bevel




454342533020 Tenon Saw

Coping Saw

Marking Gauge






Nail Punch Warrington Hammer





Bench Hook

Circular Saw


PVA glue is a permanent glue used to secure material with low durability such as paper.

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Epoxy is a 2 part glue that is more durable and can stick on various different kinds of surfaces. It can set in a faster time but it is not as flexible as PVA glue once set.



High Strength

Resistant To Water Damage


Available In Large Quantities

Very Flexible


Less Wood Is Wasted


Absorbs Water

Can Be Bent & Broken Easily

Unappealing Look

High Carpentry Costs

Hard To Use Without Experience

The glues used often damage the environment

Not as strong as regular wood (higher strength)


Though garnet is a type of gemstone, they are common and are similar to glass and can be crushed to make high quality sand paper.

60 grit sandpaper has a coarse surface compared to other grits and is used for heavy and rough sanding.

180 grit sandpaper on the other hand is smoother and is used to smoothing and fixing small bits of wood.


A butt joint is a simple kind of joint that involves putting 2 pieces of material together.

A rebate joint is a more complex sort of joint that involves cutting a small piece off the larger piece to fit the other piece you want to connect.



Butt joint Rebate Joint


3257550106680They are first sorted into size groups

00They are first sorted into size groups

left125730Wood products begin their journey as chopped trees

00Wood products begin their journey as chopped trees



3228340327660Next they are cut into planks

00Next they are cut into planks

left203835Next they are debarked using saws

00Next they are debarked using saws


3248025371475Finally they are packaged and loaded for shipping

00Finally they are packaged and loaded for shipping

left340360They are then dried and disinfected

00They are then dried and disinfected



Have you ever thought of using a new wood?

Have you ever wanted a wood that’s better than regular, boring wood?

Well you’re in luck, my friend because we have the answer. Try plywood instead of that regular wood you always use.

Why? You may ask, well there’s a lot of reasons why.

First, plywood is resistant to water damage

Second, plywood is cheaper and readily available

Third, plywood is more versatile and can be used for more things than regular wood

If you don’t believe me, look at some of our customer reviews.

This wood is fantastic! Ms Bell, 36

Plywood has answered my prayers! Mr Cent, 26

They don’t lie about plywood, it’s all true! Miss Pie, 56

Those are only 3 out of out of 1000s of positive reviews, so try plywood now, don’t miss out!!Bibliography

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