Industrial and Social Advances of the 1920s in Canada

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The 1920s were a transitional period for Canadian society. The 1920s got its nickname ‘Roaring Twenties’ due to the exuberant, freewheeling popular culture of the decade. Even though there have been debates in the media if this time period had a positive or negative effect, the positive aspects taken from the 1920s out weight the negatives. The reason that the Roaring Twenties were beneficial to our society is that of the new pop culture and technology of the decade, the growth in the economy and the redefined roles for women.

Pop Culture and urban technology grew astronomically during the 1920s. This was mainly due to the new sense of prosperity and freedom that emerged at the end of the first World War. This along with the mass production of products and new technology becoming available to ordinary citizens. This is also why this era also became known as the Machine Age. This new technology led the spread of pop culture in society.

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Technology such as Radios and Movies were the leaders of this spread. Along with these were the development of other forms of technology such as cars.

Even though the first car was made in 1885, the development of automobiles made major strides in the 1920s which were extremely beneficial to those who had them. Other forms of pop culture such as fashion also grew during this time period. Fashion in this era is most known for the flappers, which were a generation of western women in the 1920s. These women were known for short skirts, bobbed hair and listening to jazz.

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This fashion craze led the way for the new era in fashion. Therefore, pop culture and urban technology in the 1920s were beneficial to western society as it started the sense of prosperity and freedom after the first World War.

The economic growth along with Canada’s road to independence from Britain both occurred during the 1920s. According to “The Economic boom in the 1920s was a period in American History often referred to as the Roaring Twenties.” This economic boom was marked by incredible industrial growth and major advances in technology. The economic growth in the 1920s resulted in the increase of productivity, sales and wages along with a rising demand for consumer products leading to massive profits for businesses and corporations. These business

corporations all benefited from this, the development of technology and the rise of pop culture led to the increasing demand for better products at a higher measure. Along with technology Canada as a whole was starting to grow. During the 1920s Canada began to see itself as independent from the British Empire. Right after the first was, Canada gained global recognition for its contributions and was starting to be seen as more than just one of Britain’s colonies. Along with that, Canada was starting to make its own major decisions. Along with this Canada even got its own seat at the League of Nations ( That was one of the major points in time where Canada was growing as a Country and gaining global respect.

The Roaring Twenties were a transitional period for western women in terms of redefining womanhood, expressing themselves and voicing their opinions. The most recognizable thing that women gained in the 1920s was the right to vote. This was just a small step in the quest for equality of the sexes that still goes on to this day. For redefining womanhood the role of women in society mad massive strides in the 20s. The roles of women varied between ‘New Woman, traditionalists and the older generation. The newer generation being the young flappers embraced the new fashions, personal freedom and new ideas that challenged the traditional role of a woman.

The traditionalists were scared that the new era was threatening family values and the conventional roles of women at home. In the 1920s women’s lives were greatly changed by the gain of social equalities. After women gained the right to vote they strived for equality even more so. Women received new rights and new high paying jobs. During the 1920s woman gained more equal rights by law. The rights given to the woman in 1920s have progressively had a greater effect in life since then. Therefore, woman benefited greatly after the first World War during the Roaring Twenties.

Therefore, the Roaring Twenties was a positive era for western civilization. This is due to the fact that it led to a new sense of prosperity and freedom after the war. Which led to the rise in pop culture. Along with the booming economy and Canada’s road to independence, which resulted in the increasing demand for better products at a greater measure. Not only the redefined roles of woman, but these roles also sparked agrowth of their self-belief and expressing themselves. In conclusion, these events resulted in the Roaring Twenties truly being a beneficial era in our society.

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