Industrial and hazardous waste Essay

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Industrial and hazardous waste

Throughout the preceding 30 years, researchers and strategy analysts have expressed concerns regarding the impacts of contamination and risks produced by foreign-owned industrialized companies servicing in the Mexican cities neighboring the USA. In spite of the salience of the issue, till date attempts to characterize uneven exposure to exposure in these cities have shaped limited and questionable evidence. This investigation inspects the connection between the spatial allocation of hazardous squander making facilities and socio-economic features of areas in the Mexican boundary city of Nogales.

It brings together a geographic information system (GIS) to narrate demographic statistics with a record of export-oriented manufacturing facilities and discovers whether there is a spatial connection between the site of these amenities, different stages of risks and the districts’ socio-economic features. Contrary to existing environmental impartiality results, it is recommended that industry sitting is not mainly linked with the site of low socio-economic position districts in the city of Nogales.

Relatively, it shows that the spatial allocation of hazard appears to be prejudiced mostly by the location and convenience of city and transportation communications, suggestive of that the ecological equity theory might have to be reframed in the situation of swiftly developing urban regions with fundamental infrastructure shortfalls. Statement of the research problem The problem that lies here is the rapid generation of hazardous waste due to the industrialization of cities located along the United States-Mexico border.

In accordance with the research problem identified above, steps have to be taken to minimize the impartiality of the industrial and hazardous waste caused in the cities. The article clearly tells that researchers and strategy analysts have been showing their concern regarding this issue since more than three decades and they aim to reduce the contamination and the risks that are associated with this hazard. Although this issue is a serious one, no evidence shows about any serious attempts that have been made by the concerned authorities.

The recommendations proposed were actually divergent to the results of the impartiality of the environment and it was suggested that the industry should not be built near the districts where the human beings lived, however the problem that laid here was that the urban areas were the places that were most developed in terms of the availability of communications and the other facilities that could only be made available only by operating them near the residential areas and it also helped develop the urban areas, but the only flaw was the existence of hazardous wastes.

The investigations that took place with reference to the industrial hazards brought together GIS that recorded export-oriented manufacturing facilities and a connection was also built between the site where these facilities were available and the risks that were involved with it. (Denman, Harlow, Lemos & Valencia, 2009). Conclusion It is important to keep the environment clean from industrial and hazardous wastes not just for preserving the environment but for the protection of the people living in the society as well especially those people who reside near industries that produce lots of wastes.

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