Industrial Age Essay

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Industrial Age

I woke up to the sounds of busy London life and was surprised to see it was already 10 a. m. Did I miss the breakfast? Las night I was reading Conan Doyle’s novel until I felt asleep in my armchair! Electricity is a wonderful invention, but day and night are so easy to confuse now…It’s exciting to live at the turn of the epoch without even knowing what’s in store for us in the coming 20th century. Before calling my maid, I decided to do some morning exercise. I started to learn how to play a newly invented game, lawn tennis. Next week I’m going to play against Jim Tillet, my fiance.

His a very handsome young men, but his family isn’t as rich and aristocratic as mine. His father involved with in the activity of a newly formed Independent Labor Party. They say it’s doomed to failure…I’m not into politics, anyway. Jim is nice. More importantly, my parents approve of him, although he’s not as rich as they expected. He says he is going to take me to India on honeymoon. After the Suez was brought back under the control of British and French, it takes twice less to get there. When I told Caroline about our plans, she said we were insane to go to India and that we’ll die there of an illness not yet known to British medicine.

But I think that with recent advances in vaccination it’s more or less safe for people with good health, like me and my future husband. We’ll see, we’ll see… Oh, I have to hurry up, I promised to join Jim for the opening of his fiend’s exhibition. I wish I could skip it, I think his friend is a mediocre painter, obsessed with dull Welsh landscapes in that boring Romantic manner. The art needs new forms, new expressions…Will the 20th century deliver it? It’s enough for now, I’m going to call my maid and get dressed for the exhibition.

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