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Inductive And Deductive Reasoning Essay


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Thus, man’s and civilization’s pursuit of an order in the thinking process has evolved – from its early visages of innocence, to the profound rationalizations of modern times. It is because reasoning as an order of thinking process justifies mans’ actions, decisions, beliefs – based on what they experience, what they get to learn, what they see, what they hear, what they touch. Contemplating and reflecting on the intricacies of reasoning, various branches of knowledge like Philosophy identified the features of the reasoning faculties of man and his times.

Studies have resulted to concluding the efficiency or inefficiency, appropriateness or otherwise, applicable or not – of the way reasoning should be adopted, adapted and applied Thus, man surpasses myths, idiosyncrasies and fallacies that could set back his progress and growth. And there are two main divisions of reasoning in Philosophy. DEDUCTIVE REASONING Deductive reasoning is the kind of reasoning wherein the conclusion is dependent on idenditifed premises. True premises result to true conclusions, false premises result to false premises.

Therefore, truth is guaranteed by the deductive method of reasoning. “The premises are intended to provide support for the conclusion that is so strong that, if the premises are true, it would be impossible for the conclusion to be false. Because deductive arguments are those in which the truth of the conclusion is thought to be completely guaranteed and not just made probable by the truth of the premises, if the argument is a sound one, the truth of the conclusion is

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