Induction Plan Essay

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Induction Plan

The entire staff member must attend three hour of induction training. At the first two hour of the induction all the waiter, waitress and supervisor will need to combine to have their induction together. First I will welcome them to our organisation, briefly tell them overview of their duties, discuss the rule of our company, and an introduction to the benefits provided to all the employees. Besides that, I will take them to a tour around the restaurant and show them all the equipment in the restaurant. After that I will create an ice breaking session to let them introduce themselves to each other and chat a while with each other.

In order to create team sprit among them, I will divide them in to groups to play a game or complete a task. A leader will be selected among them and groups with supervisor in it the supervisor will be the leader, but if the group does not have a supervisor in it they can just choose anybody to be the leader. After that I will ask them to have a role play, some of them will act as the customers whom are very hard to handle and some of them will be the supervisor or waiter of the restaurant. The people who act as the supervisor or waiter of the restaurant must find a way to settle the problem. They also need to switch their roles after they finish because every employee must have a chance to act as the customers and the waiter or supervisor of the restaurant.

After the two hours of the induction programme, both waiter or waitress and supervisor need to have a separate induction programme in the next one hour. For the supervisors they will need to attend a briefing on how should they manage the restaurant and how they should treat their staff. I will also let them know what they should do when their staff did something wrong, how they should react in all kinds of situation and other important things that they need to take precaution while managing the restaurant.

For the waiters and waitresses, they will need to attend a briefing on how should they treat their supervisor and what should they do if your supervisor does not do his or her duty as a supervisor. I will also let them know how they should react in all kinds of situation and other important things that they need to take precaution as a waiter or waitress. A number of issues need to be decided in advance if an induction programme is to be successful

. (Maimunah Aminuddin, 2009). So, I will make sure that the induction programme will go on smoothly. I strongly agree that, induction programme should be scheduled as soon as the new employee joins the company, the longer the delay, the less effective the programme will be. (Maimunah Aminuddin, 2009).

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