Indoor Tanning Versus Outdoor Tanning Essay

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Indoor Tanning Versus Outdoor Tanning

Tanning in itself can mean several things, one being an activity which utilizes animal skins by making it to useful things, which improves the lifestyle of human beings. Tanning can also mean an activity in which one takes in leisure time to tan his or her body or rather it seems to look like an activity that is physical exercise in nature, as we are going to discuss later in our discussion. Some may even tan to make their skin darker and attractive. This means that, tanning has so many dimensions and those doing it may have different goals of their own to get from it.

Everybody likes to vacate the usual daily tiring duties and longs for whether he or she can seek time to relax his or her body and mind for other beneficial activities. There are so many activities that one can take to relax and benefit but depending on what makes one comfortable and at the last minute what they gain and get satisfied. Some people would choose watching movies, playing physical games or video games and other leisure activities. Tanning in itself involves keeping your body skin under sun rays while applying devices to gain something.

It can be done in two ways; indoor and outdoor. Under indoor one remains within ones protective premises and uses the indoor devices available for tanning. Sometimes indoor tanning is not advisable as it is risky and can lead to negative effects as will be outlined below. This does not mean outdoor is the best. However it has very many advantages. Outdoor involves going out for example touring other countries or even going to leisure places such as beaches and utilize the tanning facilities available for a proper achievement of one’s tanning goal.

To start with, indoor tanning creates a big risk to those who do it since it has an ability of causing melanoma the most serious skin cancer in the world. This is most prone when one uses indoor tanning devices in the wrong way. Take for example; a person who uses an indoor tanning bed, raises their probability of developing melanoma to above 74 percent. Though the use of the bed as a device bears the highest chances, it is worth noting that it does not mean the others are the best.

Note that the higher the number of frequency of use, the higher the probability of inheriting the cancer. The cancer mainly does not have a target group and all the groups of people either children or adults-young and old face equal dangers. The number of cases of this has been on the increase in the United Kingdom and the drug sector is even discouraging the practice of tanning indoors. Though there have been various methods of indoor tanning like the use of UVB and the use of UVA, research shows that neither method is safe (Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention).

More so, it is important for members of the family to gain enough information on how to carry out indoor tanning because, though devices used carry risks, a recent research shows that there are better ways to use them and that can reduce the risks (American Training Institute). Take for example; the use indoor tanning lotions, which provides clients with more beneficial results and therefore improves indoor tanning. The research verifies this (American Training Institute). However it is worth to note that, the results are the best if the lotion is used in a combination of a professional tanning device.

But it does not mean that indoor tanning carries the entire side of negatives. In comparison with the outdoor tanning, indoor has a privilege in that, it provides control and one feels comfortable and this creates experience. This is because of the absence of protocols and regulations to govern somebody compared to outdoor. However, some governmental organizations in some countries are trying to introduce control measures on this. Outdoor is what majority of the world population rely on. Many of them visit the beach for tanning. A normal exposure to the sun during outdoor tanning will never give any good results.

It is therefore advisable to try and learn the dos and the don’ts of outdoor tanning. Outdoor utilizes different devices from the indoor ones. Some people may happen to buy products to use during their outdoor tanning and at sometime after their tanning they harm them or even cause harmful reaction over their bodies. The difference may be caused by the change in environment for instance the sun rays or even allergic reactions. This adds to the fact that protective measures should be taken into consideration for one to get excellent results after outdoor tanning.

When basking on the sun one needs to consume a lot of water to avoid dehydration of the skin, since during this time a lot of it is being lost in the atmosphere unlike in indoor where there are not sun rays. Dryness of the skin results to a rough and a cracked skin, which might be a problem and unwanted to everyone who visits the beach for tanning. It is evident that, under indoor one realizes that it is possible to tan any time. Outdoor has a limitation in that at times, it is not good to bask in the sun during some hours like between 11. 00 a. m. and 2. 00 pm (Angela para. 3).

This is when the sun is burning to its maximum. Otherwise one will need to take a lot of water and wear a better sun lotion. It is also good to avoid drinks which might be alcoholic as this will only lead to speeding up the dehydration process. In conclusion, any of them can be better for anybody and its better for one to consider the repercussions and the benefits of whatever choice. Indoor tanning exposes one to very dangerous effects and a lot of knowledge is required before one runs to it. Changing from one to the other is what seems to bring the very best results as limiting oneself to any of them is harmful.

In most cases the indoor tanning should be done very carefully. Knowledge of what to do and not is portrayed as the key factor to get the best results. Neither of them is better than the other since, whether indoor or outdoor, the outcome will be the same (Indoor tanning versus outdoor tanning). It is is important to be aware that outdoor sometimes is not reliable since one can get sunburns instead of what he or she wanted. Indoor wins an advantage here since there is the control of the sun rays. It is also important to have the knowledge of your skin, in order to be able to choose the better of the two.

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