Indonesian Traditional Music with Modern Music

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My name is Heru Sulaksono , I’m standing here today because I want to tell you all about Indonesian Traditional music call “ Keroncong” . The history of Keroncong music itself was started when the Portugese invaded Indonesia in the 16th century, this music was first introduced by the sailors and the slaves on the portugese ship as known as “Fadu”. But weakening Influence of the portugese in the 17th century did not make “Keroncong” disappear from Indonesia. This music just continued to grow in Indonesia.

In the early 19th century some Indonesian traditional instruments were introduced and influenced this music like the Seruling and Gamelan.

The Golden age of “Keroncong” Music ended in 1960 due to introduction of rock music to Indonesia . Even with this music beginning to disappear, Keroncong music is still played and listened to but most of the listeners are old people in Indonesia. But in the 21st century the young generation of Indonesia ,is making many new breakthroughs to save Indonesia’s traditional music and make it known to the world, for example Bondan Prakoso Ft Fade2Black made a song titled “Keroncong Protol”, this song combines “Keroncong” With “Rap” and “Rock” the result of this combination is good music that everybody can listen to.

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This type of breakthrough can preserve Indonesian traditional music like the “Keroncong”. So the moral message that I want to tell you about is how the young generation of any country should be working to preserve their country’s traditional music. Every nation has its own traditional music, just like Indonesia, and everywhere in the world traditional music is disappearing.

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every young generation I think likes modern music better than traditional music. They think it’s not cool to sing traditional music or to like traditional music.

Hey! It’s not that bad. f we want to preserve our traditional music it means that our next generation can hear that music. Even if you really like modern music it’s doesn’t mean you can’t preserve your nation’s traditional music, because there are so many innovations that can be used to preserve traditional music, like combining traditional music with modern music. This is just one of the innovations, that lets us save our traditional music! , so that is the message that I want to `tell to all of you, thank you for your attention,wassalamualaikum wr wb good morning.

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Indonesian Traditional Music with Modern Music
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