Individualized Intervention Essay

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Individualized Intervention

The book lays its emphases on the 12-year old Community Treatment Project (CTP) based in California. It focuses on corrections for both international and national community based programs. It uses strategies and techniques that have been field-tested and developed to work with serious problems regarding staff/youth matching and youth groups. It points out the major issues concerning adolescence and its many challenges. Brent, R. “Working with Challenging Youth: Lessons Learned Along the Way. ”

Routledge Mental Health 205 (2000). Youth who are challenging have become a big problem in recent time, as many professionals would acclaim, and not one that is going away any soon. Despite this, research has failed to come up with the effective methods to deal with this kind of problem. This book provides a practical approach to working with this youth. It provides counselors with strategies and considerations, on its 47 lessons on the six philosophical principles to be used by the at-risk youth counselors.

Robert, C. D. “Counseling Troubled Youth”. Westminster John Knox Press 144 (1997). The author teaches pastoral caregivers practical and theoretical wisdom to enable them guide the youth to gain or find their lost self respect through the use of case studies. Charles, E. M. “Counseling with Young People. ” Association Press (1954); 144 This book provides councilors with facts that they can use to effectively guide young people in their day to day activities.

It also presents them with the best strategies to help in their interpersonal relationship. It portrays the councilor as a leader who should lead the children to a better life. It also touches on personal development and self concept. Kenneth, U. G. , & Herman, J. P. “Counseling with Youth: in Search for Identity:” Merrill (1973); 128 This book helps counselors with techniques to help young people to get identity in adolescence. It majors mostly on adolescent psychology and pattern of reaction

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