Individual Theory Matrix Essay

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Individual Theory Matrix

There was also 14 points Deming used 14 points in order to break down barriers between departments in companies and organizations. This will lead to a reduction of wasted information and materials along with errors and delays in the company. He focused on improving the system of products and services because it focuses on providing the best products for the customers who purchase the products. Ford Motor Company JuranJuran focuses are on parts of the organizations he does not focus on the organization as a whole.

He has defined quality as fitness for use. Juran also developed the concepts of cost of quality. Ten Steps to Quality Juran Trilogy Organizations determine who the customers are and plan for quality through every process. Juran used the trilogy planning process which is an organization or company who makes sure the products and process are done for the customer’s needs. The international latex company. IshikawaIshikawa focused on user friendly quality control and he also focused the internal customer.

Cause and Effect Diagram and Quality CirclesHe focused on the internal customer because each step in the creation of a product or service shall be for the best of organization and the customers. Ishikawa wanted the concept of companywide quality control that would call for continues customer services. AT&T CrosbyCrosby major goal is to meet requirements on time, the first time, and every time. Do It Right the First Time Drift. He believed that quality was free for everyone because defects cost money. Quality is conformance, management systems is prevention, zero defects, and measure system is the cost of quality.

He believed that customers would be satisfied if the job was done correctly the first time. The Navy FeigenbaumHe stressed that quality does not mean best, but what is best for the customers. Feigenbaum devised the concepts of Total Quality Control (TQM). Setting quality control for the organization and company, appraising conformance to the standards, acting when standards are exceeded, and planning for improvement. Feigenbaum wanted to make sure that shipments and quality of the products services mad the customers happy. Fed X or UPS because of the quality of their delivering process.

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