Individual Organizational Issues Essay

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Individual Organizational Issues

The ethical issues presented in the Week Three Ethics Game Simulations were from the Mysterious Blogger and The Veiled Id, the ethical issues address in game simulation of “The Mysterious Blogger” was whether or not the information obtained by IT Tech, Jamal Moore was enough to discipline blogging employee Aaron Webb for violating the NDA policy. The ethical issues for the game simulations for “The Veiled ID”, was to address how to develop a security policy that would accommodate the special needs and the physical safety of the employees’.

The decision-making steps one took to address these issues were based on the position one held in the simulation game one was able to determine the best avenue ethically to approach in order to take action on both issues address in the game. First, this authors decision-making abilities were based on protecting the interest of the shareholders and how these decisions could affect the shareholders in both short and long-term.

Ethical issues that arise within an organization or company will not only effect an individual employee, it will affect the company and anyone who has made an investment in the company. Apart from protecting the interest of shareholders and the company, it also comes down to always following company policies and doing the right thing. If a organizations policies are broken in any way, shape or form, this author would be placed in a situation to make the best decision to receive the best outcome in order to maintain discipline and good order within the company or organazation.

The ethical perspectives this author utilized to make the decisions for the simulation game were based on the options given in each scenario within the gaming process. Although the simulation did not have any right or wrong answers it did take time for this author to address each scenario with an open mind and take the time to look at different view points before making a decision(s) to see whether or not the answer selected was the best fit for that scenario.

The way these ethical perspectives influenced this authors decisions were by determining the values and effects of the stakeholders for both simulation games played The Mysterious Blogger and The Veiled ID. Showing the importance of applying ethical practices and ensuring all employees are held accountable for their actions can be done by one taking the time to figure out a way to minimize dilemmas or issues caused by employees within an organization and handling those dilemmas at the lowest level.

The concepts used in the simulation game can relate to this authors workplace, being part of a family construction company many distance family members or friends of friends of the family will take full advantage of the company. A good example of younger family members taking advantage would be leaving the workplace early, using company property outside of the work zone, using the name of the company in supply house to benefit one’s personal needs.

One example of this would be a distance cousin of one of the owners was a wonderful working, however after years of working for the company the owner started to receive phone calls from homeowners asking for repairs to be done to brand new systems installed by this distance cousin who were not in the database of the company, come to find out the cousin was doing these jobs on the side using the family business name, buying material using the company credit cards, company vehicle and gas card to get to these locations but none of these new job sites were jobs the owners of the company bid they were all jobs the distant cousin was doing on the side, this is one example of many.

What this has done is moved the company away from only hiring family members to hiring outside of the family and only having a few members that work in the field, although everyone in the office is related the men in the field hold the owners on pedisals and this author has not met many employee who do not appreciate the family owned company. The owners continue to prove to each employee family or not that they are needed, the owners go over and bound giving employee advances to help with one’s personal lives, from getting married to buying a car, to smaller needs as in lunches, jackets every winter, making sure they have good work boots, gloves, hats and anything else they made need to safely complete the task at hand.

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