Individual Assignment Business Organizations Essay

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Individual Assignment Business Organizations

Reflective practice is a way of studying your own experiences to improve the way you work. It is linked with the concept of learning from experience, in that you think about what you did and what happened, and decide what you would do differently next time. Reflective practice will make you improve the quality of service you deliver. It will ensure that the service providers are always getting the best possible service that they require because by using reflective practice you are always looking for things to improve on and see if you could do anything differently the next time round. Standards such as essential standards tell us how we should be working.

We can use them to think about the way in which we work and measure ourselves against them. As everyone has different values and beliefs, it is important that we treat everyone the same no matter what their beliefs are. We should provide the same support for everybody, If we do not work this way then we will fail to perform the standards of the codes of practice set out by the regulating bodies. Outcome 2

2.1Everybody reacts differently to feedback whether it be positive or negative. I value any kind of feedback given to me, positive or negative because it is a good way of trying to better yourself. Some people may take negative feedback personally and think that they are being criticised. 2.2 It is important to seek feedback from people as you will know if you are working in the correct way. If you get negative feedback you will then know what you need to improve on for the better and positive feedback you know you can carry on the good work that you are doing. 2.3 It is important to listen to the feedback you get and use it whether it is positive or negative so that you can improve the way that you work and your quality of work.

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