Individual Assigment Essay

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Individual Assigment

The world of technology has evolved over the years, and that means the need for technology has increased as well. Businesses have evolved over time with the use of technology, it allows us to shop, sell, trade, and function overseas. As I read over your business plan it seems that it is designed to compete in the local market, as well as add value to the community. Technology will play a huge part in both, it allows you to create and implement a plan that will help increase profit and customer satisfaction. As your business will compete in the local market, you will need to consider implementing Enterprise 2.0 or Web 2.0. Both Enterprise 2.0 and Web 2.0 offer many benefits to help your company succeed and grow with the ever changing economy and local market, both will allow your company to widen your market from county to county, state to state and even other countries. Enterprise 2.0

The attributes of Enterprise 2.0 practices can be very useful and sufficient in brainstorming, sharing, and evaluating ideas by utilizing enterprise social networking. Enterprise 2.0 helps business decrease IT costs by decreasing the amount of hardware and software that is needed (McAfee, 2010). Enterprise 2.0 would be a good asset to your business, it would keep it cost down and allow the marketing that you need to be competitive in your local market. Web 2.0

Web 2.0 also has many beneficial factors that would also be a good asset to your company, it includes social networking sites that would create great marketing tools, it allows you to create website which can also be a great tool for marketing and it allows you the user to be in control over the data used. Web 2.0 offer rich user experience, user participation, scalability, and freedom. Web 2.0 offers a wide variety of marketing tools as well as creating a safe and valuable way to increase profit, and safe guard your assets (McAfee, 2010).


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