Individual Approaches And Individuals’ Preferences

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A care plan is about the individual and their preferences, needs and wishes, it should give others clear information on these aspects in order for them to give accurate care of which the individual has consented to. Finding out about an individual’s history, preferences, wishes and needs is an important part of creating a good care plan because it enables the care plan to be completed accurately and will reflect the individual. If you were to not find out this information you would not be able to provide the best service for the individual; for instance an individual that used to be very active and enjoyed a lot of outdoor sports until suffering a stroke, may find it very difficult and frustrating to find their movement restricted as a result of the stroke, this could lead to difficult behaviour or aggression, knowing the reasons behind this sort of behaviour makes it easier for people to understand.

Finding out individuals’ preferences enables staff to ensure that the service provided would be appropriate to the individual, they may have certain dietary needs that their religion requires, or be vegetarian; they may have certain beliefs about who should give personal care; there are many reasons so it is always best to find out.

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By not acknowledging and finding about what the individual prefers they may not feel respected or feel they have a say in things, this could lower their self-esteem.

It is important to review care plans with an individual because circumstances change and it is important to check that the care package is doing the job it was intended to do since it was originally set up, or from the last review, if not it could continue for a long period of time regardless of whether it is meeting the needs of the individual.

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It will also give those involved a chance to ask the individual if they feel it is meeting their needs and what, if anything, they feel could improve things for them. It will give the individual the opportunity to express their opinion about how they feel it is going, along with any concerns they may have. Their preferences may have changed and it is an ideal time to alert staff to such changes; those involved may also make suggestions about what they feel could benefit the individual however the individual would have to give consent to any changes.

It is important for staff to monitor the individuals’ needs and preference along the way, their health needs i.e. health, abilities, mobility, diet and personal hygiene, what they need or want may change or aspects of the environment may need to change to aid the individuals growing needs for example, the individuals mobility may deteriorate and they may need the use of a walking stick or hand rails, if this went un-noticed the individual may become withdrawn and feel they cannot achieve day to day tasks, they may become scared to do things and become dependent on others doing it for them, this could lower their self-esteem and knock their confidence.

A care plan is useful in supporting person centred values because if done correctly, and with the input of the individual, the care plan is what support the individual has agreed to thus respecting their wishes of what is to happen to them. It states their choices and what they prefer which promote individuality, it also shows the ability of the individual so that care workers know the individuals level of independence and what needs to be worked on to achieve the individuals goals. Providing care in a way the individual has agreed to, which is reflected in the care plan, means you are upholding the individuals’ wishes and rights and working in partnership with the individual to achieve their goals.

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Individual Approaches And Individuals’ Preferences

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