Indigenous Peoples Essay

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Indigenous Peoples

The peak of the globalization is mostly felt when every culture around the world is integrated into a centrally focused ideal that encapsulates each unique cultural set-up practiced around the world. When all these cultures are somehow connected in something that both caters to each need of the various cultures of people and introduces an open understanding and tolerance to all the available sub-cultures within a particular state or nation, there is no question that globalization has taken its effect to its most fundamentally successful level.

Such is the case after reading the book A Global History of Indigenous Peoples by Ken S. Coates that, according to some reviews, “examines the history of the indigenous/tribal peoples of the world and the work spans of the period from the pivotal migrations which saw the peopling of the world, and further examines the processes by which tribal peoples established themselves as separate from surplus-based and more material societies (Barnes and Noble). ”

The book is also a successful introduction to how the impact of the differing policies of global struggles of cultural domination takes place in the world and how the colonization of these changes has impacted the indigenous cultures. As a form of analysis in the chapter of the book entitled Continuing the Struggle: Indigenous Protests, Legal Agendas, and Aboriginal Internationalism, it would be great to highlight how the impact of globalization made the integration of the different indigenous cultures in some leading countries successful.

In this aspect, no country is better to analyze and cite as an example than the great cultural history of the indigenous rights movement in Canada. Moreover, the analysis in this given area should focus both on how the indigenous rights movement in Canada has been integrated into the globalization integration of cultures and to how this degree has been made manifest in the uniqueness of the indigenous rights culture of the particular state.

Secondly, an analysis on how this uniqueness has been able to relate to the international scenario of protests and processes that are forming the cultural integration of all the major cultures practiced in our time, is also very important. Degree of the Indigenous rights Movement in Canada When we discuss the indigenous rights movement in Canada, the most immediate things we can think about and can connect to the book of Ken S. Coates are the aboriginal nature of Canadians to value the basic human right of living, the practice of democracy in their lifestyle and the value of the self-respect and integrity among their people.

In the first indigenous rights movement, the main concern is essentially concentrated on the discrimination shown by the non-indigenous people to the basic rights of living of the indigenous ones. This is mostly felt by the Canadians in the aspect of their housing plans and the way they construct and develop the indigenous livelihood and community. With this problem, the degree of the indigenous rights movement in Canada is in a level so widespread, that it has already caught the attention of the United Nations.

In this aspect alone, it could be said that the indigenous rights movement in Canada has been made unique because of its unrelenting value for the preservation of the rights of indigenous living. The second indigenous rights movement that is unique to Canadians is mostly concerned with the practice of democracy in the lifestyle of the indigenous people. The Amnesty International Canada article report laying out the legislative proposals for the respect of the rights of the Indigenous rights of Canadians is one of the great examples on how this movement is unique to the Canadians living an indigenous lifestyle. (Amnesty International Website)

The third indigenous rights movement that has created a certain level of high degree of respect and practice among the indigenous Canada is the respect for the rights of women and the condemning of any type of human abuse. This indigenous rights movement is one of those unique Canadian struggles that have been recognized so greatly by the world, the U. N. even made sure that these new requests by the indigenous people would become part of the new legislation addressing indigenous rights across the globe.

Connection to broader international protests and processes In a great general approach, it would be safe to say that these unique indigenous rights movement have been so great and effective in attempting to universalize all the other international protests on human rights, that many of the breakthrough movements across the world have already used these ideas as an ideal platform for all future proposals of addressing indigenous rights.

One of the many examples we can cite for this connection is the creation of the Indigenous people’s legislation concerning the ratification of ILO Convention 169 (the Indigenous and Tribal peoples) of the United Nations. This, along with the many global movements in addressing the global challenge of integrating indigenous cultures across the globe, is a significant international political process that, among many other things, gives light to the many demands of universalizing the indigenous rights of people in different nations.

Secondly, it would also be great to highlight that many of the legislation found in the proposals advancing the rights of ownership, the respect for the rights of women and the anti-discrimination act of Canadian indigenous communities have also become great tools in understanding the great resolution of the differing conflicts between the different religions globally that have been caused by the great misunderstanding of cultures. These are the clear international process that have been caused by the Canadian indigenous rights movement.

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