Indicator and Determinants of High Blood Pressure Essay

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Indicator and Determinants of High Blood Pressure

This paper implements the indicators and determinants of high blood pressure in men. Many studies have measure the effect of Hypertension among men of different ethnical and socio-economic backgrounds. Socioeconomic is one major determinant which influences high blood pressure in men. High blood pressure is a major illness in the human population, especially among men. High blood is normally called a “silent killer” due to the fact that there little to no symptoms. Fifty to fifty-eight million people suffer from hypertension with the increasing population being African Americans (John, n. . ).

Steven was a 55 year old African American male that came into the hospital with complaints of a severe headache. Patients had no prior history of hypertension but blood pressure was taken with the result of 180/101. Patient states that he has a family history of cardiovascular diseases. Mother and Father suffered from hypertension as a result of obesity. Steven has worked for the United States Postal Service for 30 years and is under a lot of stress due to work. He is a chronic smoker and drink on occasions.

The first medical professional that saw Steven was the ER doctor who cared for the patient and in returned referred Steven for follow up care with his PCP (Primary Care Physician). Before Steven saw his PCP the ER (Emergency Room) Doctor prescribes him Amlodipine 10mg 2 xs daily. The team that delivered care for Steven’s hypertension was as follow: * Dr. Ogalvie- PCP (Primary Care Physician) -Which his role is to, determines the best care for Steven and his hypertension. Provide a manage care plan and to make use of specialists and make referral that co- inside with Steven treatments.

Nancy Bracey-Nurse Practitioner- The role of the Nurse Practitioner is to work as support to the Doctor when he is unable to make patients appointment or if he is in an emergency surgery. The Nurse Practitioner sometime plays a vital role in Steven treatments. She is able to help in Steven treatment, which includes ordering tests, conducting physicals, and ordering medicines. * Beth Anderson- RN- Registered nurses treat and educate patients in a clinical setting, keeping records of medical histories and performing diagnostics.

Most RN work with patients and their families to teach them how to manage cardiovascular disease, educate them on dietary and other measures of minimizing heart risk and help patients with postoperative rehabilitation. * Lisa Coleman – Dietitian- The primary role of a Dietitian is to promote healthy and holistic healthcare. Steven dietitian educating him on good healthy eating habits. She also explained to him that exercising most important in keeping his blood pressure down. She also put him on a 1200 calorie diet to follow as part of his managed care plan.

Data has shown and been a proven fact that hypertension is very prevalent in men, especially African American men. Many indicators can relate to hypertension such as socioeconomic statuses like where one live, employed or unemployed or a family base support system can all be factors. In Steven case some of the indicator were glucose, triglyceride, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, blood pressure, and obesity (SABPA, (2012). All of these symptoms can be a target for organ damage.

Steven also deals with anthropometric indicators which according to Rahimi, (2012) “The partial correlation coefficient was used to quantify the association between all anthropometric indicators with hypertension. Linear regression analysis was used to assess the influence of all anthropometric indicators on the variance of systolic and diastolic blood pressure”. Rahimi, (2012) states “Adult male population of Fars province had a high prevalence of hypertension, overweight and obesity which can be handled through healthy diet and physical exercises”.

Steven dietitian stresses the important of holistic healthcare such as healthy eating habits and exercising on a regular basis. Other indicator was the problems of sexual dysfunction that Steven suffered in his marriage. Steven stated that he was unable to perform with his wife due to the high blood pressure medicine that he was taken. Rahimi, (2012) state “Thus sex, education, and for the most part, race were not independently associated with a failure to be aware or to enter treatment’.

Rahimi, (2012) says “Sex and the number of antihypertensive drug days were independently associated with blood pressure control”. According to Steven physician Steven was also put on an enhancement drug to help with sexual dysfunction. According to Rahimi, (2012) “Vigorous public efforts led by the National High Blood Pressure Education Program and embraced by physicians’ groups and the pharmaceutical industry has steadily improved blood pressure outcomes in the past 20 years”.

Rahimi, (2012) “To this point, however, overall increases in control have largely been driven by increases in awareness and entry into treatment among people with hypertension”. Rahimi, (2012) “Despite great technical advances, specifically the development of a wide range of new antihypertensive drugs and drug classes the process of care available in the community has not changed to any great extent and treatment itself remains highly inefficient”.

Rahimi, (2012) “As an asymptomatic, chronic illness, hypertension does not pose a problem of diagnosis or cure, but rather the challenge of daily vigilance and ongoing commitment to treatment”. Rahimi, (2012) “For most people such as Steven with high blood pressure periodical visits to the physician’s office simply do not produce the desired outcome”. As a result of data Steven were treated and educated on manage control through medication, diet and exercise. The disparities of socioeconomic are due to his poor health outcome.

The key to controlled hypertension is patient follow-up, a managed care plan and patient education. In Steven treatment plan the impact of the team base approach is to effectively promote a managed care plan that is efficient in regulating Steven hypertension. The main key is to educate Steven on a post treatment plan and follow-ups care. One analysis of Steven resource and saving would be that Steven partake in his company wellness program which in returned will save and give him an incentive on his current insurance plan.

Lastly the advantage of a team base approach in Steven case would be that each individual on Steven medical team would strategically come up with alternative plans of action and a plan of care that will effectively help in the treatment of Steven hypertension. Each medical professional on Steven team will play an active role in the quality of care for Steven. Again the key component is to stabilize Steven high blood pressure through healthy eating habits and exercise. The scope of team base approach is logically come up with a solution in helping Steven sustain life through longevity of the hypertensive care plan that is put in place

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