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Differences between Iroquois and Pueblo Indians

While Iroquois and Pueblo Indian natives had many different views politically, religiously, socially and economically, they were both societies in which nature was devoted and revered. They lived of the land and this connected them to the Earth and its seasons greatly. They were spiritual people who believed that spirits had an important part in their lives and that they lived among them and saw t...

Indian Removal Act

The Seminoles refused to leave calling the Act “unjust.” This resulted in the Second Seminole war lasting 7 years from 1835-1842. Jackson spent millions of dollars during his administration for this to succeed. “By the end of his presidency, Jackson had signed into law almost seventy removal treaties, the result of which was to move nearly 50,000 eastern Indians to Indian Territory—defined...

Problem faced by indian farmers and suggestions

I am selling through the mandis, through the regulated markets I am selling through the APMC, the agriculture produce market committee in Gujarat. But here in this regular market also there is no say for farmers. Farmers have to stand up there, there is no facility available in the local market for grading and storing. Second thing in the present market also the dalals and wholesalers have their m...

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Effects of globalization on Indian society

a. Previously all the members of the family did the same type of work but after globalization the same family has adapted different types of work depending upon availability and their economic benefits. b. As husband and wife are employed in most of the cases the child care is taken by day care centers or crèches. c. Family controls on children are getting weekend and children wishes are seldom i...

Indian Horse

Overall, Saul’s love for hockey that once allowed him to gain freedom and escape was now stolen from him due to his distasteful fans and the theory of “the white man’s game”. Through the beatings within the Residential School and the racism he faced while playing hockey, we are able to see how Saul was affected both internally and externally. With every sentence and every chapter you...

Globalisation of Indian Economy

Bhalla, G.S. (1995): Globalisation and Farm Policy (Presidential Address delivered at the 54th Annual Conference of the Indian Association of Agricultural Economics at Kolhapur) Business Line, January 12-27. Brahmananda, P.R. (1993): Global Economy, Plea for Realistic Scenario, Financial Express, December 30 & 31, January 1, 1993. Chandra, Nirmal Kumar (1995): China’s Tryst with Globalisatio...

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Junior didn’t know what to do when he transfer to Reardan. He doesn’t know how to communicate with the “white” people and is kind of scared of them. Soon though, he makes friends and decides: It’s okay, white people aren’t bad (even if are racist). The theme of this book, “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie, he says that you should not dislike yours...

Porter Generic Strategies on Indian Automobile Induatry

Mahindra earns a competitive advantage via a combination of a tractor and UV business in India which face very little or no competition. Mahindra brought in SUV’s in Indian market focusing on raw power and performance with the launch of Bolero and the launch of Scorpio has proven to be a game-changer for the company and has help it transform its image from a people-mover to luxury SUV manufactur...

Indian Ocean Trade

Politically, a continuity of the Indian Ocean Trade is growing while under different empires, and a change in which empires controlled the trade network. An example of the continuity would be the Mongols, how they made trade much easier and made it grow. Many merchants benefited from the Yuan Dynasty, around the fourteenth century. This ties to the change, because from 300 CE to 1450 CE there wer...

The Role of Youth in Indian Politics

(6) Ordinarily, courts should not pronounce on the validity of an Act or part of an Act, which has not been brought into force, because till then the question of validity would be merely academic. Indian judiciary has been able to overcome the restrictions that were put on it by the 42nd amendment, with the help of the 43rd and 44th amendments. Now the redeeming quality of Indian judiciary is that...

Indian Rupee

Graph of exchange rates of Indian rupee (INR) per 1 USD, 1 GBP, 1 EUR, 100 JPY averaged over the month, from September 1998 to May 2013. Data source: Reserve Bank of India reference rate For almost a century since the Great Recoinage of 1816 until the outbreak of World War I, the Indian Rupee sustained parity with the US Dollar while pegged to the Pound Sterling that was exchanged at 4.80 (or 50 o...

Impact of the Collision of the Old and New World on Europeans, Africans, and the Indians

The creation of the New World and the Columbian Exchange impacted three ethnicities: the Europeans, the indigenous, and the Africans. Despite the few minor setbacks the Europeans had to go through, such as the "starving time" and the spread of syphillis, the Europeans were impacted in a very positive way. They were able to find gold and silver and plant many crops, and as a result were able to cre...

Early encounters between American Indians and European colonists led to a variety of relationships among the different cultures

* The Middle colonies, however, fared off much better. The Middle colonies' land was very fertile and very much suited for farming and planting. The climate was warm, too. So of course the Middle Colonies were nicknamed the Breadbasket Colonies: They produced the majority of the bread and wheat of all the British colonies. They also had a good amount of iron ore in their land. Geography in the Sou...

Changing Values in Indian Culture

So in past 10-15 years our Indian Culture has changed a lot. These changes were very much necessary for the development of our society. Still we need some changes. A custom or tradition that does not change over time becomes poison for the society. Indian Culture has an immense power to incorporate changes remaining its other values intact. With technologies spreading all over the globe, we should...

Indian Contract Act


Indian Festivals

Diwali is the most prominent of the Hindu festivals. The Hindus celebrate this day to commemorate the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after winning the decisive war against the evil forces of Ravana. The Muslim celebrates Id-UI-Fitra. It is celebrated to mark the end of Ramzan. It was during the month of Ramzan that Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed. Christmas is the greatest festival of ...

Indian Tourism Development Corporation

to most of the touristers india is still a virgin country, yet to be explored, may be the main reason is that the tourism ministry had done nothing specific to promote it., Tourism is the commercial organization and operation of vacations and visits to places of interest. Tourism is commonly associated with trans-national travel, but may also refer to travel to another location within the same cou...

Indian Ethos

Varna: Varna refers to the main division of Hindu society into four social classes. Varna-Ashram system: The Varna Ashramas are just a description of the stages of a human life on Earth. Vedanta: Vedanta was originally a word used in Hindu philosophy as a synonym for that part of the Veda texts known also as the Upanishads Work Ethos: "Work ethos" is a compound expression built on the Greek word "...

Degradation of Moral Values in Indian Society

Another steep decline in moral values manifests itself in the form of our poor educational system and teaching methodologies. In fact, the poor educational system in all the parts of the nation has led to poor moral values in the society The students do not respect their teachers. Copying during the examinations is a common practice. Best of the brains are drained to the West because the offers ar...

Plastic money: Indian Experience

It is rightly said the plastic money is need of hour. People are using these cards on a vastscale. But after considering the review of literature it is seen the whole payment process of processing these cards is not safe and customer are facing many problems relating to plasticmoney. That’s why study is focused on consumer perception regarding the plastic money. Need of the study is to get to kn...

Cases of Indian Contract Act 1872

Facts: ∆'s barn was on fire and he called the local Upton police chief and asked him to send "the fire brigade". The Upton fire brigade showed up and began to put out the fire. While the fire was still burning, a neighboring fire chief came by and informed all that the farm was really in his district, and so the Upton fire brigade was not under obligation to put it out for free. When the ∆ ref...

Indian Freedom Fighters

In 2004, when the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) came to power, its chairperson Sonia Gandhi unexpectedly relinquished the premiership to Manmohan Singh. This Singh-led "UPA I" government executed several key legislations and projects, including the Rural Health Mission, Unique Identification Authority, Rural Employment Guarantee scheme and Right to Information Act. In 2008, oppos...

Changing face of Indian villages

Agriculture, which is the mainstay of rural economy, is also being influenced by the winds of changes sweeping across various walks of life. It is no longer left to the mercy of Nature. The agrarian reforms, increasing application of science and technology are bringing sea changes in the faces of villages. Availability of safe drinking water and electricity has made the life of the villagers easi...

Indian Mathematicians And Their Contributions

He was born in a village of Mysore district. He was the first to give that any number divided by 0 gives infinity (00). He has written a lot about zero, surds, permutation and combination. He wrote, “The hundredth part of the circumference of a circle seems to be straight. Our earth is a big sphere and that’s why it appears to be flat.” He gave the formulae like sin(A ± B) = sinA.cosB ± co...

The role of enslaved women on the British West Indian Sugar Plantation

Moore, Brian L., B.W. Higman, Carl Campbell, and Patrick Bryan. Slavery, Freedom & Gender: The Dynamics of Caribbean Society. Mona, Jamaica: University of the West Indies, 2001. Print. Scott, Joan W., and Louise A. Tilly. Women, Work and Family. Psychology Press: Routledge, 1987. Print. Shepherd, Verene A.. Women In Caribbean History: The British Colonised Territories. Kingston, Jamaica: Ian R...

Impact Of Global Crisis On Indian Economy

Recession: It’s Impact on Indian Economy. Available: http://www.isrj.net/june/2011/Economic_GLOBAL_ECONOMIC_RECESSION.html. Prabhudesai, Arun. (August, 2011). Indian Economic Outlook 2011-12–GDP growth at 8.2%. Available: http://trak.in/tags/business/2011/08/01/indian-economic-growth-2011-12/. Sinha, Anand. (March, 2012). Impact on Indian economy from global crisis. Available: http://www.india...

Effect Of Western Culture On Indian Youth

It all depends on person likes and dislikes, how he /she will behave according to situations. As our friend PAVANI has mentioned like PUBS are to be strictly banned. Well that cant is possible realistically. If an individual decides what is good/bad for them every person can be in control ...rite I finally stress points like No matter people adopt what ever the culture ... They shud be in the limi...

The similarities between greek and indian mythology

There are many other similarities between the various mythologies in the world. It is not possible to cover all of them under the realms of a single essay. But it is infinitely fascinating to learn more and more about them as they shows us how similar we all are, even though we have different cultures and are from different civilizations. The Greek and Indian civilizations are one of the oldest ci...


24 The brand is available at several higher-end multi-branded watch outlets in the country. SEIKO’s technological development is focused on the creation of “emotional technologies” 25. While the brand may be positioned below Tissot or Xylys (based on the observation of price points at retail outlets by one of the authors), the brand is likely to be perceived as a brand wit...

Reservation Policy and Indian Constitution

Reservations alone are not enough to mainstream the SCs and the STs to the levels of the other sections of the society. The system of reservations meant to uplift the weaker sections, has in fact, succeeded in the creation of creamy layers within the marginalized social groups to the extent that the percolation of the benefits have been marginal and differentially accessed. The vision of Ambedkar,...

Indian Nationalism

As strong as feelings of nationalism were and as brave as leaders like Gandhi were they couldn’t have driven the British out by making India ungovernable because the British knew they couldn’t be driven out by force or otherwise. It is clear that they left of their own accord due to financial political reasons or otherwise. Although it is also worth mentioning that Nationalism did play a huge ...

Indian Army

Let every Indian soldier remember the inspiring message of one of the ablest leaders of India, Sardar Patel:- "The deeds of gallantry you performed in the two Great wars adorn the pages of world history. Even the enemy recognised your merit in war. You proved yourself first-class soldiers, inferior to none in the world. But then you fought for others. Now you have to fight for your own country, yo...

Sectoral change in indian GDP

The economic growth has been driven by the expansion of services that have been growing consistently faster than other sectors. It is argued that the pattern of Indian development has been a specific one and that the country may be able to skip the intermediate industrialization-led phase in the transformation of its economic structure. Serious concerns have been raised about the jobless nature of...

Short Essay for School Students on Indian Festivals

Few festivals became an indispensable part of Indian culture. India is the only country where these festivals are celebrated with great devotion to the Almighty and seasonal variations; festivals offer a welcome break from the daily routine. Festivals have a purifying effect on the minds and bring to the fore value of piety. The main objectives of festivals are to bring people from different walks...

Indian Restaurant Case Study

To reach tipping point in this venture, the main focus would be on customer satisfaction and the quality of the food because customer wants value out of the money spent and it they get that value it will keep bringing them. It can be done by using differentiation strategy and IT will play major role in this. We have to do planning, implementing and controlling of the operations to satisfy customer...

Future of Indian Democracy

It has survived the wreckage of an authoritarian executive and will outlive the Supreme Court’s present disposition to allow massive land grabs in the name of progress and development. Thirdly, though Mohandas Gandhi’s assassins never seem to rest, the specter of Gandhi remains to haunt, guide, and inspire Indians who are resistant to everything that passes for “normal politics” and have n...

“An Indian Story” by Roger Jack

Greta had been married for a long time but her husband just died five years into their marriage. The reason why Greta and her husband never had any children and she never remarried was because she took care of her father after her mother died. The fact that Greta looked after her father demonstrates another tight family bond and support for one another but it was also evident that the two share a ...

Indian television in the era of globalization

On the contrary, it constantly reports the main oppositions that ceaselessly stimulate and drive the Indian population – tradition and modernity, local and global, urban and rural, well-off and impoverished. The example of the Indian television sector demonstrates that India is not passively affected by globalization but constitutes one of its major actors: it manages to make the country’s voi...

The Zuni Indians

This assignment has enlightened me on the uniqueness of their culture, art, and tradition. I have to say the most thing I found fascinating was their art. I liked the fact that it had meaning and told unspoken stories. I finally understand why so many tourists that come to my dad’s Native American jewelry store are infatuated with all the art. Who knows? I might just end up buying a necklace or...

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